Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge or A5 2017 on sale at The Phone House

Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge or A5 2017 on sale at The Phone House

Are you thinking of buying a Samsung mobile? A lot of attention because The Phone House has lowered some of the South Korean devices, leaving them at really attractive prices. In some cases we see discounts of more than 150 euros. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which now costs 559 euros from 719 euros. The discounts have not only reached the high range, but also lower ranges. Thus we find the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 at only 199 euros. We speak at all times of free models, not subject to operators.

Big discounts for Samsung's high-end

Both the Galaxy S7 edge and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are crowned on The Phone House website as the devices with the best discounts. As we say, the first has a discount of 160 euros. We can buy it now for only 559 euros. This amount has also been discounted for the standard model, which can be purchased at the moment at a really affordable price: 459 euros. Its previous price was 619 euros.

The Phone House discounts

You already know that these models came with screens with sizes of 5.5 inches and 5.1 inches respectively. The panel curves on both sides in the case of the edge version. The resolution used is QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). The devices offer a very neat design, built in glass on the front and back and metal on the sides. Both are powered by a Samsung Exynos 8890 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM. The photographic section is completed by a 12 megapixel dual camera with Dual Pixel technology.

In this section for the highest range we also find the Samsung Galaxy S6 (with 64 GB of storage) and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (with 32 GB of storage). Both with a 20 percent discount. While the first can be found at a price of 599 euros, the second is set at 499 euros. Both in black and completely free.

Sales in the mid-range

Samsung's mid-range is highly acclaimed among most users. Especially since they are terminals that do not leave behind quality, standing out for their affordable price. In The Phone House catalog we find some mid-range Samsung models at very competitive prices. With a discount of 81 euros we have the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 in gold. This model, which is selling very well, now costs 188 euros free . It was previously priced at 269 euros.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

The Phone House has lowered 54 euros in the case of the Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Dual (also in gold). You can get it for 165 euros when it used to cost 219 euros . It is a somewhat more modest terminal than the previous one, although also with features that are not bad at all. Among them, a 5.2-inch screen or a 13-megapixel main camera.

Other mid-range models available right now at The Phone House with good discounts are the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017: With a discount of 80 euros. Current price 349 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 2017: With a discount of 54 euros. Current price 275 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016: With a discount of 20 percent. Current price 299 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A5: With a discount of 20 percent. Current price 139 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 2016: With a discount of 20 percent. Current price 199 euros

low range

The low range also greatly benefited

The Phone House has also added deep discounts to the South Korean low-end. We find some basic models with a reduction of 20 percent on their usual price. In this way, we can see the Samsung E1200 or the Samsung C3520 for only 19 euros. Others somewhat more prominent (with a touch screen) such as the Galaxy Ace Duos or the Galaxy Y appear for 20 euros. Another option is the Samsung Galaxy Core, a mobile already somewhat better than the previous ones, which appears in the catalog for 69 euros. You can check all the current promotions for the Samsung family in the online catalog of The Phone House.