Printable 2014 calendar, download over 100 free templates

2014 calendar

Inaugurated in December , there is very little to go before they give us the grapes. This means that in addition to make good intentions, you will need to change the calendar that guided you in this year 2013 . The Internet contains thousands of proposals capable of adapting to the needs of each user. You can create fun, family, functional, school calendars, etc. ... and make these same calendars weekly, yearly, daily . You can make use of them in digital format or print them to give them to your loved ones, share them with your colleagues at the office or hang them on the fridge at home. They are templates that you can easily modify and even use every year, if you like them a lot or have found them useful. Next, we show you more than one hundred templates to choose from and download for free over the Internet. Plan your next year 2014 from now on .

Calendar 2014 01

A first interesting option is that proposed by Microsoft Office through its template repository. If you connect to its online page you will see that the service already offers different documents to modify in programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Publisher . Here you have a total of four templates, beautiful and neat, to make your own calendar and easily print it from any program in the Office suite . You can add the photos you want and modify the colors to your liking. Remember that these templates are only compatible with software dated 2013, so you may not be able to open them with other files. Apart from these very practical calendars, entirely adapted to 2014, you can get hold of the so-called “eternal calendars”, valid for any year. Here you can choose from a wider variety. You have  calendars six months , schedule of expenses (to control your family budget), a simpler eternal calendar , suitable for anyone and sector.

Calendar 2014 03

Then there are the more specialized calendars. You can find a calendar for students (very practical to write exams, deliveries of work…), for small companies , to write down anniversaries that you always forget or to organize the tasks of the whole family . If you download any of these templates and save them, you will always have at your disposal a calendar to modify each year. And they are valid for all years! As if this were not enough and you want to involve your children in the making of the calendar for 2014 this Christmas, you can take a look at these loose sheets that Microsoft proposes. These are pages with the different months of the year with coloring pictures that portray the school life of the little ones in the house. It can be great entertainment for a family vacation! In addition, we recommend that as the days go by, take a look at the templates section that Office keeps updated throughout the year. It is very possible that in the coming weeks more calendar templates will appear for this year 2014 .

Calendar 2014 02

And we continue with more calendars, because the thing does not end here. If you access the WinCalendar site you will find a whole series of calendars for this new year 2014 organized by year, months and weeks. They offer multiple configuration options and as they are Word compatible files , they can be easily modified. You can actually add the photos you want, appointments, tasks to do, birthdays and any note you need to include. You can improve the image of the calendar with new colors . So you can customize it according to the needs of your company or with the colors that you like the most.

But if you usually work with Excel , perhaps the option that interests you the most is the one that offers the download of 2014 calendars with all the information about holidays and important events. In fact, you can even add the appointments of the sporting events that you like the most (Liga BBVA, Formula 1, MotoGP, basketball, etc.), the lunar calendar and the work calendar in Spain .

Calendar 2014 04

The last option we want to talk to you about is HP Photo Creations , a software that you can download for free from the official HP website. Through this program you will be able to choose from more than 65 free templates , modifiable at will. You will have the opportunity to add your most important photos, select interesting dates, include birthdays or unavoidable appointments, and so on. In fact, HP even offers the possibility of integrating graphic designs or motifs such as floral motifs, special colors, images of love, travel, baby, and so on . Of course, in order to make any changes to these templates you will have to have installed the program. Then you can print them on paperthat you want or keep them saved on your computer. Enjoy them.

Cover photo: Dan Moyle