Burning areas, the new Fortnite locations to get loot

Burning areas, the new Fortnite locations to get loot

The main novelty of the new version of Fortnite.

The week continues with a new Fortnite update. Version 9.10 is already among us with a lot of changes. Epic Games has activated maintenance, but we already know all the news that will come to the game from the next few hours. Without a doubt, the most interesting are the new Burning Zones to get a better loot. In addition, new weapons and many improvements arrive.

What are the Burning Zones in Fortnite? You are surely wondering. They are new locations that will allow us to get better loot, with a large number of powerful weapons. These zones will appear in every game. There will be at least one location marked on the map, but up to 3 can appear randomly during the game. To get the loot from these burning areas we will have to take down the loot carrier. Up to 16 can appear in one location, depending on size.

During the game, there will be a 35 percent chance that up to 2 burning areas will appear and a 5 percent chance that there will be 3. To find out where they are, we will have to open the map and look at the locations. What weapons do we get? A rare, epic, or legendary weapon and ammo.

Between weapon changes, the shadow grenade is modified. It will no longer appear as much on the ground as the chance has been reduced from 835% to 677%. The same happens in chests: 4.65% to 3.98%. Additionally, they will appear two by two with a maximum stack of 9 . The Semi-Auto Marksman Rifle is back from the vault and will be featured in Vending Machines, Chests, and Floor Loot. Lastly, the Rare Combat Shotgun will appear less in floor loot and chests.

Gameplay and sound improvements


Fortnite x Jordan, new collaboration with limited time mode.

Such a big update had to come with improvements in the gameplay and bug fixes, where the different sound problems that have appeared in this last season stand out. For example, the sounds of jumping enemies have been improved , the volume of the footsteps or a new sound of headshots. Also other interface improvements and bug fixes in performance and different platforms:

  • the option "Return to the room" is changed to "Abandon game".
  • A grid is added to the map when getting off the bus. So we can mark the area more accurately.
  • We will no longer be able to reload / fire weapons while reviving a downed teammate.
  • Loading times on buildings and textures have been improved.
  • Fixed hitches when landing when playing on Nintendo Switch.
  • On mobile, Bluetooth headphones will have a higher sound quality.
  • The FPS counter appears correctly on curved mobile screens.

Last but not least, a collaboration with Jordan is added, where users can use an MTL in Creative Mode, we will have to collect the maximum number of coins possible to win.


The update is available on all platforms . Epic Games has warned that maintenance may take longer than normal, as it is a heavy and important update. The latest patch will need to be downloaded.