Retro style computers


The modding theme , the equivalent of car tuning but for computers, is very fashionable . In the market you can find countless items to personalize our equipment and concentrations of Internet users are full of these tuned computers. Today we bring you two most curious modifications . One of them opts for the old style and the other more towards a “metallic” style .


The first photo is the result of the work of Jake Von Slatt . In his day, this computer tuning craftsman already surprised us with a computer keyboard for the nostalgic . But his work did not end here. Starting from a kind of small shelf or casing with a Victorian style, it has managed to integrate the entire structure of a monitor into its interior. And in addition, it has put all the elements that make up the computer distributed between the back of the monitor itself and the pedestal . And all this, without having to resort to a very bulky space. Rather, it is in line with today's scaled-down models. It reminds us of the computer tucked into the keyboard, but instead of integrating everything on the keyboard it has done it on the monitor.


On whether it is beautiful or not, everyone can make their own opinion. What cannot be denied is that the result is an original and striking computer . And that the integration work is very well finished. To finish off the Victorian work, we connect the keyboard with keys from old typewriters and we already have the ideal work tool for a Baroque user. This creation is not for sale and I am sure that if someone dares to do something similar, they would not want to get rid of it either, given the pride of those who would be filled when looking at it. Come on, something similar to what will have happened to the creator of the giant video game console controller .


In the second photo that heads the post, we have a modification in the purest Iron Man style. Both the 22-inch LCD monitor housing and the keyboard are made of polished metal, which gives it a very interesting shine . To give it the final touch, he has used a pedestal made of metal and black marble . The keyboard also uses, as in the previous model, keys from old typewriters and incorporates lights that give it a somewhat retro-futuristic touch, just like the Chassis robot .


It may not be as refined a style as the first, but surely more than one will like it and it seems to be shockproof, although without reaching the resistance of Pantel's all-terrain TV . Its creator, Rich Nagy , has not decided to integrate the elements of the computer in this case, but he does talk about building a mouse with the same style . The excuse for creating this team has been its use in the filming of a horror movie. Once filmed, it will proceed to auction it on eBay . For more information, you can see their website .

Via: bornrich, dvice, gizmodo.