How to include your signature in a PDF file

How to include your signature in a PDF file

The digitization of documents is a process that speeds up many procedures. Receiving invoices to our mail, as well as event tickets or train tickets, has made a process that previously required going through the printer much easier. However, there is one type of action that still brings some users to their heads , since it combines the use of the printer, the scanner and the digital document: these are the documents that require signature.

Luckily, the technology is advanced enough that now we don't have to worry about it either. In this article we are going to teach you how to embed your signature in a PDF file . In this way, every time you receive a document that you need to sign, you won't have to print it, sign it and scan it before sending it back. You will simply include your signature in a digitized way and you will send it, in a matter of seconds.

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Software download

The first thing to do is download, if we don't already have it, the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC PDF reader. It is free, and takes a few minutes, since it is a file less than 200 MB in size. When we have it, we recommend you create an account with Adobe, or synchronize the account with your Facebook user . We will see the usefulness of this action later.

Digitize the signature

Before proceeding further, you must have a file with your digitized signature. There are several ways to do it, but the fastest and easiest is to take a blank page, sign on it, and take a photo with your mobile . Then you send the photo to the PC.

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Open the document

We come to the moment when we select the PDF file on which we want to add our signature , and we open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (we recommend that you configure it by default to open this type of file).

We log in with our account, and then we will see that we have the file open, and a settings menu on our right. We go to that menu, and we scroll down with the cursor until we find a series of options: Create PDF file, Edit PDF, Comment, and more. In sixth place we will find the option Fill and sign: we click it .

We find a variation in the side bar and also in the upper one: now we find an icon that says Sign, accompanied by the icon of a pen . If we click on that icon, we will have two options, Add signature and Add initials. We select the first option.

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Stamp the signature

A window will now open where we will be able to choose if we want to sign by typing with the keyboard, drawing with the hand (using a graphic tablet) or with an image. This last option is the one that interests us. If we mark it, we will access another window where we can choose the image file we want . That is when we will resort to the photo taken previously.

We open it, and see how the program recognizes the image and allows us to place it where we want . We choose the right site and click. Ready, we have a signed document. We save it and we can send it. Of course, once saved, we cannot edit that signature again.

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Do we have to do all this process every time we want to sign a PDF file? Absolutely. If you log in to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can save a signature (only one), and use it whenever you want . You just have to go to the Sign section, and you will find it available. You drag it to the desired point in the document and that's it.

Now you know how to include your signature in a PDF file. It is important to note that this system works for both the PC and Mac versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader . You are finally going to be able to retire your printer and streamline your paperwork.