5 features we miss on Netflix

5 features we miss on Netflix

Netflix is ​​one of the best services to watch series and movies in Streaming, they include their own series such as ”˜Narcos” ™ ”˜The Crown” ™ or ”˜Stranger Things” ™ as well as very interesting films and a wide content catalog, both original as from other production companies. The Netflix mobile app is very, very comprehensive. As well as the desktop version. Both have very interesting options, an intuitive design and very effective settings. But, even so, we miss some features in the service. Here are five of them that you should implement.

News Category

If you have Netflix subscribed, you have probably noticed that there is a category on the main page called ”˜” ™ Recently added ”™” ™. There are the series or movies added recently, but they are arranged in order of preference, and not chronologically. We miss a much more extensive category of news, where we can filter original series, movies, the recommended age, etc. Also, they should be ordered in release order (newest first). In this way, you find out about all the recently added Netflix in a much easier way.

We must emphasize that there are other options, such as activating notifications, which alerts you to the most important releases. Another option is to follow different accounts on Twitter, where they inform you minute by minute of all the news that appears on Netflix.

Be able to change the resolution


Yes, we can do this exactly in the application settings. As long as we have the highest plan, we can choose if we want the series or movies to load in HD, UHD, or in standard resolution. But we are not referring to that option. We would like Netflix to have the option to change the resolution when we are watching the content , that is, a small window where it gives us resolution options to change depending on the connection status. We can do this in services such as YouTube, which allows us to choose between automatic quality, or the compatible resolution.

The truth is that it is a feature that could be easily added, right next to the subtitles button. Of course, if Netflix decided to add this feature, it would only be viable for the last two plans, which allow you more resolution.

”˜Trailers and more” ™ for the mobile application

If you have browsed the desktop version, you may have noticed that, in every series or movie, there is a category called ”˜Trailers and more” ™. Here are the trailers of the content, as well as bonus clips and interviews. This option is very interesting, but unfortunately it is not in the mobile application . And we miss her a lot. We would like a similar feature, at least to be able to reproduce the trailer of the series or movie. We must emphasize that in the application for Smart TV if the trailer is played, we have to wait a few seconds for it to appear, but not without first standing on the cover of the content.

Change the order of categories on the main page


The truth is that Netflix takes the categories very well on the main page, but we would like an option to be able to edit them . That is, add categories to our liking, be able to change the order, delete them, etc.

Willing to ask ”¦

Finally, and ready to ask, we would like a community section. Not the typical section to answer questions, but one to share reviews of the series, see expert reviews, etc consular questions . Yes, it is true that there are other portals that allow us to do this, but without a doubt, one of Netflix's own would give the Streming service a lot of play. Oh, and of course a Spoilers blocker.