Los mejores memes del Día del Libro para compartir por WhatsApp

The best memes of Book Day to share on WhatsApp

Hoy 23 de abril se celebra en todo el mundo el Día del Libro, un buen día, como otro cualquiera, para recordar que los libros son una puerta maravillosa para festejar que existen otros mundos distintos en los que vivir otras vidas posibles. Un día para regalar, leer y congratularse con el bello arte de la palabra escrita.

Nosotros, para rendirle nuestro particular homenaje, hemos seleccionado para ti los mejores memes del Día del Libro que hemos encontrado por Internet para que los compartas con tus amigos lectores. Los memes los puedes compartir a través de WhatsApp de una forma muy sencilla: abres el artículo en el móvil, mantienes pulsada la imagen durante unos segundos y, en la pequeña ventana emergente que aparece, eliges ‘guardar imagen’. Luego solo tienes que abrir WhatsApp y enviar la foto como harías como con cualquier otra.

Before getting into the matter: do you know why Book Day is celebrated on April 23? Because on this day three great figures of universal literature died, such as Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, William Shakespeare or Miguel de Cervantes, among others. A good time to remember that it never hurts to get carried away between the pages of a good book.

Congratulations to all

On this Book Day there is room for all types of readers, as the following illustrated meme reflects well. For those who buy and do not read, for those who are obliged to read, for that moment in which we have made sure to read that classic rock but to which we would never dare to sink our teeth ... Everything is welcome as long as a book has its owner. Of course, better if it is read, of course.

The best memes of Book Day to share on WhatsApp 1

Be careful what you read

Some say that it is better to read what is to not read . Tell this poor cat, who is still traumatized after reading the biography of the town's princess, Belén Esteban. Guys, maybe reading whatever is not a good idea. Perhaps, instead of reading certain things, you could try to get bored, which activates our creative side. And, who knows, start writing our own book.

The best memes of Book Day to share on WhatsApp 2

Books and cats, who gives more?

But wait, even on Book Day do cats have to show up? Yes, because cats are the Internet's pet, an animal that populates thousands of hours of video on YouTube and with which the network would not make all sense. So how could we miss the chance to show you a Book Day meme ... starring a cat? It would be more.

book day meme 03

The 'heavy' of books

We all have a friend who is heavy on books. That as soon as he has the opportunity, he opens his mouth to tell you the benefits of this or that author , this or that book, this or that genre. And you, who still have the first book you started to open the year, are envious of everything you read. And you attend his talks gawking, until you realize that, in reality, he is speaking for himself and not to teach you anything. If you don't have a friend like that ... then the friend is you!

The best memes of Book Day to share on WhatsApp 3

How many books do you have to read?

Anyway, nothing happens. Although we have dozens of books on our shelves to start, the enjoyment of entering a new bookstore, browsing through endless corridors, and opening books and books and more books … that cannot be taken away from us. Yes, I take this home with me, I have many earrings to read, but what difference does one more make, and how well do they look on my shelf? Besides, I have my whole life to read them, it doesn't have to be now ... Fool yourself how much you want, your thing is to buy books and if they are read, then better.

The best memes of Book Day to share on WhatsApp 4

Happiness, divine treasure

The following meme or illustration looks just as good in a WhatsApp Status and in your Instagram Stories. We have to tell the world how much we enjoy when we embark on a reading. A thousand possible worlds open up before us! No, happiness, as an abstract state of permanent comfort and enjoyment, cannot be bought with money, but books can, and they give us some of that, don't they?

book day meme 06

Giving lessons

We put this meme as an example of extreme brother-in-law. Is having a Facebook account and reading books incompatible ? Please, that the day has 24 hours and we can fill it with a lot of activities! Stop telling people to do what you think is the right thing to do, because, apart from the penal code, there is no correct way to enjoy things. Unless you are 70, then you can use this meme. Of physical or mental age, we mean.

book day meme 07

The posture

Book Day is perfect to bring out the posturing that we all carry inside . How many times have we bragged about reading this or that book and it was a lie, just to impress? However ... who do we hurt by telling these little white lies? Nobody! Long live the posture! because, who knows, you start out posing and you end up reading Borges. Stranger things have happened in this world!

book day meme 08

The craving can

It happens like when the sales season begins: we always end up looking at seasonal clothes, the ones that are more expensive, the ones that do not belong to the discount period. And with books the same. Why do we want to take home the most expensive book? Why not look at the one on the balance sheet ? And the trick of finishing a book before buying another doesn't work for us. Who are we kidding? Nobody, that is clear.

book day meme 09

And finally…

The best advice you can give to those who do not yet have him on their agenda. Read, read and read. Talk to your bibliophile friends, they recommend accessible stories, before starting the most arduous, soak up the reading as you do with other hobbies, there is time for everything.

book day meme 10