The most restaurant trolley comments on Google Maps or Facebook

The most trolling comments from restaurant owners on Google Maps

Not everyone takes into account the maxim that the customer is always right. For the owners of some restaurants, there is no opinion other than yours. Surely we have all come across a responsible person who takes criticism badly. But the owners of these businesses that we have found on the Internet undoubtedly take the cake.

Your responses to customer reviews on sites like Google Maps ,  Facebook or TripAdvisor are worth nothing .

In these times, a bad review can have a very negative effect on visits. Not surprisingly, almost all of us look at the opinions of users before going to an unknown place .

We understand that a bad comment can touch the pride and the pocket, but sometimes the answers end up being too personal… Not to say inappropriate and, in some cases, even funny. That is why we wanted to collect them in this article. If you want to enjoy these hospitality kamikazes, you can also go through  their Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google Maps pages to enjoy the most powerful responses. Take some popcorn too. His prose is well worth it.

fonty bistro

Fonty Bistro, Madrid

It is an apparently charming place. You just have to see the images. Natural stone, wrought iron, old ceramic souvenirs. They offer fine pastries, pastries and sandwiches. They also have quiches and fish dishes. Come on, in addition to having a coffee and a pasta, you can satisfy your appetite with the menu of the day.

Fonty Bistró is located in the Salamanca district of Madrid, right on Castelló street. There is also another Fonty, but this one is on Juan Bravo street. And what happens to the owner of this establishment? Well, you can not with the criticism. It does not admit them. And for this reason, he has no qualms about countering all those who have dared to give him a bad grade on Google Maps.

Those responsible for the bistro are not shy when responding. Óscar Benítez, a user who complains that they do not respond to the candidates who present themselves to work in the restaurant, they tell him directly “that his girlfriend is not worth even to work in the office”.  Meanwhile, a girl called "ChicaWonderful" is sent back to Catalonia to be happy there.

fonty bistro reviews

Kleber Costa, who criticizes the restaurant's service, is told that despite its name “it's not clever” (ready in English). And then there is Efrén Benito, who is supposed to be a former worker who complains about having outstanding accounts. They call him "incompetent" and recommend "quitting ten joints a day." We still have not come out of our amazement .

Isabel Torre is told that she does not know how to value the work of artists (of those who make croissants, specifically). A  John S asked if you were born yesterday, by the mere fact that only has written a review on Google Maps .

Serafina García is  branded as not being fine and stupid. But this is not all. Every time someone dares to make a bad comment about the restaurant , its manager gets involved to defend his business tooth and nail.

Hotel Restaurant Cal Teixidó, Estamariu (Lleida)

Hotel Restaurant Cal Teixidó, Estamariu (Lleida)

It may be one of the restaurants that gives more importance to criticism in our country. It is the Hotel Restaurant Cal Teixidó, located in a town in Lleida called Estamariu, in the Catalan Pyrenees. The owner of the establishment has no problem in answering at length to all those who have passed through his restaurant and have left a review.

The problem is that in his answers he sometimes goes too far. If you visit her page on Tripadvisor you will see that she is one of the most belligerent hosts on the networks. It has more than 300 opinions, and those that move between the Lousy and the Bad are the most succulent. Especially since the owner answers them without the slightest qualm.

Estamariu criticism

The owner responds without mincing words to anyone who has not had a good time at his establishment. He told some clients who said they were cold that they should have heated the room as he does with his wife . He also said that his son had caught a cold, and the owner replied that "his son had already come with a cold from home."

He debunks vacation packages, saying they are limited experiences. If they wanted more luxury, "have paid more." 

Estamariu criticism

Some customers say dirty boxers were found in the closet, when in theory the room was freshly made. You can imagine that the owner did not hesitate for a second to deploy all his artillery to let him know that things like this do not happen in his hotel. 

estamariu underwear

In another of his answers, he has no problem in correcting the spelling of a client and in telling her that “do not come dressed from Ibiza in the mountains” . And so, a long etcetera. Because if the owner of this establishment likes something, it is to comment and extend herself as much as possible. At least it will vent.

I would love it

La Encantaria, Zaragoza

La Encantaria de Zaragoza is a restaurant that has become famous for the few contemplations that its chef spends. On TripAdvisor, there has been a feast of bad reviews , to which he does not hesitate to respond without contemplation. If you don't like something, prepare yourself: because it will make you feel bad.

I would love it

Her name is Joan Rosell and she doesn't mince words.  She tells some customers that they almost did not let them in because they had a considerable drunk.

I would love to criticize

To another he says that he has no idea what he has asked for. That he is probably used to McDonalds hamburgers and that is why he does not appreciate the Charolais Gold hamburgers, which is apparently one of the oldest breeds of white cow in the world. To finish being fine, in the end he sends him “to blow it on the road”. 

I would love Zaragoza

Then he tells another how lucky he has been to have a wise man like him visit a restaurant. The client criticizes the hardness of the rice and the fact that this Joan Rosell creates a genius in the kitchen . He does not send him to whistle on the road, but almost. Of course, he reproaches the customer for not speaking with him directly when commenting on the problems in his food and, however, he has left it reflected in his review. Something that happens many times.


El Vergel, Tarragona

El Vergel is a controversial restaurant already of origin. Located in Tarragona, it is a vegan proposal that rose to fame - beyond its city - for not letting mothers feed their babies with bottles . So radical is their proposal that on one occasion, while a mother was feeding her baby with artificial milk, one of the owners approached the table to leave her a little sign.

In this, the client was reminded that no one can be fed products of animal origin within the establishment. In this case, with milk from the cow. When he finished, the owner told him that next time they could prepare a bottle with some kind of vegetable drink.

We assume that the man in question has no children and has no idea what the nutritional needs of such a small baby are. The mother wrote a review on TripAdvisor and the controversy broke out .

But this is not the only problem that those responsible for this restaurant have had on the networks. Above, they have dedicated themselves to answering criticism in an unorthodox way.


After the comments of a client who complains about the lack of variety, they respond that "they regret not having united all interplanetary gastronomy in one restaurant." Or that they cannot be "radical" (which is just what they are accused of in the critics) because they have not yet incorporated roots into all their dishes.


It does not stop here. To this customer who complains about the price, he urges him to eat in other parts of Tarragona, pieces of pizza that can be more adjusted to his budget. Another option, he says, is to open his own restaurant two locations down, where there is space for rent. He says that if he can make it cheaper, "he will eat there every day." 

The most restaurant trolley comments on Google Maps or Facebook 1

Another TripAdvisor user complains about the fact that the highchair has not been positioned correctly on the table. The owner of the restaurant tells him that "his excitement" at the location of the highchair has made him lose track of reality. It seems that the man accuses him of serving baby food in a vegan restaurant and the waitress touching the dog (because the restaurant admits them) and then serving the bread.

The most restaurant trolls comments on Google Maps or Facebook 2

And back to the problem of dogs and children. One of the customers accuses the restaurant of treating dogs better than children. The owner acknowledges that his restaurant may not be the best for taking children. And he takes the opportunity to lash out at the children, who , unlike the dogs, have caused damage to the establishment.

Ugi's Pizza, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Ugi's Pizza, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Now we are going to cross the pond. And also to change the medium, because this time the battle is forged on Facebook, instead of Google Maps or TripAdvisor. Ugi's Pizza is an establishment of baked pizzas that is located in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina). It is an unpretentious place, with a very neighborhood style. Also when responding to your customers' criticisms. 

pizza ugis

In this establishment they are an example of how to take the management of social networks to the extreme. They take advantage of any message from users to reply with messages that are not very tasteful . They also do it with countless spelling mistakes and with a lot, a lot of pain.

pizza ugis

The pizzeria has different branches in Buenos Aires. It was founded by Hugo Solís in the late 80s. And it seems that the business is still in contention. We could say that it is the cheapest pizza in town. And it is that for just over four euros you have a family pizza and a drink.

pizza ugis

Of course, the salt shakers are made from empty plastic bottles and sometimes they only serve a single type of pizza. Very to be at home.

pizza ugis

Here we have compiled some of the most surprising responses from those responsible for this pizzeria to their customers on Facebook. 

bacchanalian cafe

TripAdvisor, Google Maps and Facebook are true goldmines to find owners without mincing the tongue. If you want to have a fun time, do not hesitate to take a look.