Beware of false SMS from Media Markt or Mercadona

Beware of false SMS from Media Markt or Mercadona

We are living in difficult times, but there are many who are bringing out the best in human beings. However, as usual, there are also others who take advantage of any situation to profit. We must be careful with the false news or fake news that we share on our social networks, but much more with the messages that arrive with the intention of collecting our data or even stealing money from our account. Two of the last that we have located have as protagonists two well-known shops in Spain: Media Markt and Mercadona .

In this case the communications seem to be coming through SMS . Obviously neither Media Markt nor Mercadona have anything to do with these messages, but criminals often use names that everyone knows so that the user is less suspicious.

Alleged messages from Media Markt, Mercadona and other large companies

fake SMS from Media Markt or Mercadona MM message

In the message in which they pose as Media Markt they congratulate us on having won an award. To confirm that we want the award, we must enter a web page in which we will be asked for some information .

The truth is that we are not facing an overly elaborate message. The website that we must access to receive the award is nothing like the Media Markt. And, of course, it is not even said what is the supposed prize that we have won.

The message that Mercadona's image uses to get people to eat is very similar, although in this case we are not even the winners.

false SMS from Media Markt or Mercadona message Mercadona

In this case, they tell us that Mercadona is raffling a shopping card with a value of no less than 500 euros . The message has a link in which we will have to enter and leave our data to participate in the raffle. Obviously such a draw does not exist.

These two messages are just two examples of the deceptions that we can receive through mobile phones. The best thing is to ignore practically any message that comes to us in this format , especially if you have never signed up for any contest. The truth is that, as soon as we look at it, the real messages of these well-known companies are easily identifiable.

If we only receive the message we do not have to worry about anything, as long as we do not click the link that comes in them. If you are tempted because you think it may be true, a good way to check if it is false is to go to the Twitter account of the National Police (@policia).

fake SMS from Media Markt or Mercadona messages

In the police account we can find all the malicious messages and hoaxes that users are receiving. For example, on these lines you have two of the last ones that have been published, with the Post Office and the Coronavirus as protagonists.

So you know, if you receive a suspicious SMS do not click on the link that it includes . And if you can contact the police and send it to them much better, so we will all be aware.