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BOSE Sound Team one-expert award 2011

They have dubbed it Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile and it is, for, the Best Sound Equipment of the Year . As you may have observed in the images, this is essentially a portable sound system, suitable for amplifying the sound of any mobile device. We refer to a smartphone, tablet or laptop through wireless technology . This means that to listen to music anywhere you will not need cables , so you can easily move up to ten meters from the speaker. In this way, you will have the opportunity to use the speaker in the garden or in any room of the house, enjoying aPleasant musical evening without juggling . It is, without a doubt, a practical device , ideal for those who always want to take their music elsewhere.

The Soundlink Wireless Mobile has good power and is capable of being amplified through four neodymium speakers. It has two passive radiators, which allows us to obtain clearer bass, in addition to cleaning the sound and eliminating vibrations . Another advantage of this device is undoubtedly the fact that it is resistant to dust, sand and water , resistant to any accidental blow or fall. In addition, it has a lithium-ion battery that will allow us to have the speaker for eight long hours. The design is also very careful. And the system is covered with a protective leather or nylon cover, available in different colors, as you can see in the photo at the top. Acquiring the equipment will cost you around 300 euros if you choose a nylon cap or 370 euros , if you prefer the edition finished in leather .

BOSE one-expert award 01

Guillermo Vázquez, marketing director for Bose and Yamaha (center), receives the award from Lara Galván, marketing manager (left) and David Readman, director of (right)

Due to these characteristics that we have detailed and because of how practical the  Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile will be for the great music lovers, has decided to award this product with the award for Sound Equipment of the Year . In fact, we are facing one of the best equipment of the moment, considering that it can amplify the sound of any player or device compatible with Bluetooth , now that the vast majority of smartphone, laptop and tablet users are determined to exploit all of them. the possibilities of your device. The Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile SpeakerIt has the virtue of offering quality sound to those teams that have limited hearing. Thus, the user will be able to combine a high definition image with a sound to match.

To get the speaker, yes, you will have to pay a recommended price of around 300 euros , an amount that could be somewhat expensive for some users. Despite this, we must bear in mind that this is a truly competent team and one that is worth betting on. All you have to do is save a little and you'll have a high-flying team at your fingertips. This Christmas can be a good occasion to get hold of it or to ask the Kings directly. You will see.