Panasonic Viera AS650 and AS600, mid-range Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic VIERA AS650

The models of the Panasonic AS650 and Panasonic AS600 ranges are Smart TVs with Full HD resolution that are in the mid-range of the new proposals for 2014 from the Japanese firm. These devices range in size between 39 and 60 inches and incorporate some of the latest developments in terms of apps and advanced functions. Among these features, a function that could give a lot to talk about in the coming months is the ability to view TV content directly on a smartphone or tablet and from anywhere in the world, with the only requirement of having a network connection. We tell you all the details about these new ranges of televisions fromPanasonic .

Panasonic AS650 computers are in a size range between 39 inches and 60 inches , going through sizes of 55 inches, 50 inches, 47 inches and 42 inches . Meanwhile, the Panasonic AS600 models will feature 32-inch, 39-inch, 42-inch and 50-inch configurations . The differences between these ranges are notable, since the most advanced AS650 equipment is committed to an IPS panel , with which remarkable viewing angles of up to 178 degrees are achieved both horizontally and vertically and a higher brightness, while the equipment Panasonic AS600 use a thin LED panel.

Starting with the most advanced equipment in the Panasonic AS650 range , we are dealing with equipment that maintains excellent image fluidity thanks to a frequency of 1,200 Hz. This effect will be noticeable especially in action movie scenes and in sequences with higher movement. Of course, it is a technology that brings a lot of realism to the scenes, and that sometimes can generate the feeling that we are facing a play instead of watching movies (a matter of taste). As we said at the beginning, these models opt for Full HD resolution and have a content optimizer to improve the result of those movies and series that are shown in standard quality. This series also incorporates the3D functionality , with which we can see dedicated content that takes advantage of this technology. Of course, it is a feature in which manufacturers are getting less and less interest, since it has not finished becoming the revolution that was expected a few years ago and its demand is quite poor.

Panasonic VIERA TX-42AS600E

One of the aspects that stand out most of the AS650 series is its Smart TV functionalities . Above all, we would like to highlight TV Anywhere , a tool with which you can view TV content on smartphones and tablets anywhere in the world with a network connection (both via WiFi and via 3G or 4G). This tool includes both the live channels and the contents that we have recorded on a USB memory or on an external hard drive. We also have my Stream , a content recommenderthat works based on our preferences when choosing a channel or a type of program, and that also includes series and movies that we have recorded on the hard disk.

In the case of the AS600 series models , we are faced with more limited smart TVs that sacrifice some attractive features (especially TV Anywhere). Nor can we enjoy the recording of content via USB or the ability to display content in three dimensions. What they do have is the content recommender , numerous apps to complete the experience such as YouTube (the true protagonist of the Smart TV experience) or Facebook and with the Swype & Share function .This application is used to send photos or videos directly to the TV and share them with other users. At the moment we do not have confirmation on the date of departure and the price of these Panasonic models , but it is most certain that their landing in Spain will take place in a few weeks. We will keep you informed.