My Book Live Duo, in-depth analysis

My Book Live Duo, in-depth review 1

My Book Live Duo is a box with two hard drives that connects to your home network and allows you to access files from any computer connected to the Internet. The most advanced configuration has a capacity of 8 TB (via two 4 TB hard drives). One of its main functions is to make backup copies of the files on our computers, and it is compatible with security tools such as Time Machine on Mac OS or File History on Windows 8 . In addition, Western Digital has developed apps to access through an Android smartphone or tablet , iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows PhoneMy Book Live Duo has prices ranging from 370 euros to 770 euros. We tell you all the details in this in-depth analysis.

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The main novelty that Western Digital has introduced is the presence of a new 8 TB My Book Live Duo configuration (with two 4 TB hard drives). This capacity makes it easy to save more than a million and a half photos or 600 hours of high quality video. In addition to this configuration, you can also opt for a 6 TB version (on two 3 TB hard drives) and a 4 TB version (on two 2 TB hard drives). It should be noted that the hard drives of this computer are configured to use RAID 1 or mirror. This technology allows data to be duplicated on both disks, so that if the data on one is damaged it remains safe on the other. It also means losing half the space available for saving files (ie 4TB in maximum configuration).

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Without a doubt, the main function of the My Book Live Duo is to make backup copies through its RAID 1 configuration . The device is compatible with Windows (all versions from Windows XP to Windows 8 ) and with Mac OS X. In addition to incorporating its own solution for making backup copies, the WD device is compatible with the security solutions of the systems operational. Thus, within Mac computers we can take advantage of the Apple Time Machine tool  , while in the case of Windows 8the File History tool built into the platform is used. The files are copied to the device wirelessly, via the home network.

Design and installation

The dimensions of the  My Book Live Duo are 16.5 x 15.7 x 9.9 cm and has a weight of 2.26 kilos . A classic and compact design in black that allows it to be placed in any corner of the house without taking up much space. The equipment has an Ethernet cable that connects to the network and integrates the equipment with the different devices that we have at home. The installation of the equipment is carried out automatically in the system (it uses a standard driver of the platform itself) and appears within the system explorer as if it were a unit more connected to the equipment. The  My Book Live DuoIt is designed to be able to easily open the cover and change the hard drives contained (to use the RAID 1 configuration of the device correctly, the drives must be the same size).

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Sharing and multimedia

Another of the main uses of the computer is in sharing the files that are stored in the My Book Live Duo over the network. Being integrated into the home network, documents, images or videos can be accessed from any computer connected to this network. We can protect some folders with a password so that not all users can access the same files. Once installed, the My Book Live Duo appears as just another drive within the browser, so moving files is a breeze.

Within the multimedia field, there is a very interesting option which is to take advantage of its DLNA connectivity . This technology enables streaming files to be played directly through a compatible device. Many modern televisions incorporate this DLNA capability . Playback is done without having to connect the computer to the television.

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Remote access

Another clear advantage of the My Book Live Duo is the ability to access the files that we have on the disk from any device with Internet access. The only requirement is to have a modern browser. Specifically, the Western Digital team's web platform is compatible with Internet Explorer from version 8 (this is the point that can cause major problems, since there are still many users who use Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7) Google Chrome from version 14, Firefox (12 and later) and Safari (version 4 and later).

Access is done through a password generated when configuring the equipment and files can be downloaded through the web. In addition to managing files with the web platform, Western Digital has developed apps for various mobile platforms. Among them we find an application for iOS on the iPhone and iPad , an app for Android smartphones and tablets , for BlackBerry terminals and for Windows Phone smartphones . WD 2GO is completely free and allows you to download the files contained in the My Book Live Duo. In addition, you can also preview the photos on the disc and set them as wallpaper on your mobile or tablet.

Another aspect that should be noted is that apps for Android and iOS have the possibility of adding a Dropbox or SkyDrive account . These two network storage services have their own applications, but it may be a good idea to centralize access to network files from a single application. Of course, we have generally noticed that access to files through this application is somewhat slower than in the case of dedicated Dropbox or SkyDrive apps . There is also a certain slowness in downloading files from My Book Live Duo.

The other application that Western Digital has deployed is WD Photos . In this case, the app focuses on viewing the photos that the WD equipment contains on our tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can also take a photo or record a video on your mobile device and upload it directly to disk over the network. This app is only available on Android system and iOS.

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Opinions and price

The  My Book Live Duo is attractive to those users who store important files and want to make backup copies of their files. It is also an alternative to network storage systems, thanks to its remote access from anywhere and its mobile applications. With this equipment, the files are kept on a physical and well-located equipment and a greater capacity is reached than that generally offered by this type of services.

The prices of this device are 370 euros for the 4 TB version , 460 euros for the 6 TB version and 770 euros for the 8 TB version .

ModelMy Book Live Duo
Weight and measurements16.5 x 15.7 x 9.9 cm

2.26 kilos

CapacityInternal: 8 GB


External: micro SD up to 32 GB

ConnectivityEthernet network cable

DLNA connection for streaming movies or pictures

Mobile appsWD 2GO for iPhone, iPad, Android 2.2 or higher smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone 7.5 or higher and BlackBerry

WD Photos for iPhone, iPad, Android 2.2 or higher smartphones and tablets

RequirementsWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, or Leopard

Internet access through the browser Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 12 or higher, Google Chrome 14 or later and Safari 4 or later.

Prices 370 euros for the 4 TB version

460 euros for the 6 TB version

770 euros for the 8 TB version

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