Lenovo C Series, all-in-one computers

lenovo c40

Lenovo has just introduced a new family of all-in-one computers to its portfolio, designed to save desk space. They are the PC computers Lenovo C50 and Lenovo C40 models from the Chinese manufacturer. Both are available in various configurations. However, they all have in common a modern design, with a very slim screen, a full qwerty keyboard and a mouse. Both the mouse and keyboard are wireless ; The idea is that the user has to use the minimum of cables so that the table is clear. There are two finishes to choose from: black or glossy white. The screen occupies a background of only five centimeters. Even so, in the case there is room to install two speakers ; the audio output power is 2 by 3 watts. They manage to offer Dolby Home Theater surround sound .

The 720p HD webcam is installed at the top of the screen . In all models the screen is an LCD with LED backlighting that offers a Full HD resolution (1,920 by 1,080 pixels) with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. In the case of the Lenovo C50 , the screen has a diagonal of 23 inches , while that of the Lenovo C40 is 21.5 inches . In both it is possible to choose as an option that the screen is tactile, sensitive to multitouch at ten points simultaneously. By the way, the operating system pre-installed in Windows 8.1 on all computers.

lenovo c40

The connections for these Lenovo computers are located on two panels at the rear of the screen. In one of them there are two USB 3.0 ports , two USB 2.0 ports , an HDMI output , an optional HDMI input and an Ethernet port . In the other there is the multiple memory card reader (6 in one), the headphone output and the microphone input. The Wi-Fi specification 802.11b / g / n is integrated in all configurations; instead, Bluetooth 4.0 is optional . Processors for modelsLenovo C50 and Lenovo C40 can be quad-generation Intel Core i5-4210U . Some Lenovo C40 models also ship with AMD A8-6410 quad-core processors . A maximum of 8 GB of DDR3 type RAM can be installed.

The graphics cards can be Nvidia GF820A 1G / 2G for C50 and C40 . For the C40 models you can also choose AMD Radeon R5 A230 1G / 2G . As for storage, there are hard drives of various capacities, reaching a maximum of 2 TB. They leave the factory with various programs installed, including several educational video games. The Lenovo C40 weighs 6.39 kilos with a touch screen (they stay at 5.43 with an ordinary screen); they measure 530 by 361.8 and by 51 millimeters. The dimensions of the Lenovo C50with 563 by 387 and by 53 millimeters; they weigh 6.7 kilos with a touch screen and 6.2 kilos without a touch screen. The Lenovo C Series All-in-One PCs will soon be distributed in European stores.