This will be the Steam of PC games for adults


The games with sexual content are not new. In fact, more than one classic game has a spicier version that has delighted those users a little more daring or who were looking for another incentive in their video games than to kill the boss on duty. The oldest of the place will remember a game called Cluster's Revenge , a pornographic game that appeared for the Atari 2600 back in 1982, which was difficult to market because of its content.

The topic of sex games is a part of the market that Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or digital platforms like Steam have decided to avoid . This is how the developers of games for adults face a much more fragmented market and try to find specific sites where they can stay and put their content for sale. Now, a Japanese company has decided to put an end to this fragmentation and be the one to lead this market that has many followers.

Nutaku, reference site for creating a 'Steam of adult PC games'

It may not sound familiar to you , but Nutaku is a popular site that has been hosting hentai games for a long time . Now his intention is none other than to give a site to all the developers who work making adult games who currently have to go to too many web pages and various services to host and sell their content . So the intention is to take over this market niche and become the reference.

In the last week, Nutaku decided to go one step further and make the Kimochi purchase. It is a client to buy and play adult content, which would be very similar to how Steam works. It is a project that was launched in 2015, carried out by a total of eight developers, and making it quite easy to use, but it has never managed to have enough content and players to make itself known.

From being a project of eight people, they have become part of Nutaku, which has fifty employees and reaches 14 million visits each month , although almost all they do is host games from Japanese developers.


A catalog of games for adults

The intention of Nutaku is none other than to integrate its catalog with Kimochi technology , which would be a reference in terms of adult content, especially in the games part. As the company itself explains, its ambition is to become the Steam of adult games . In fact, they are convinced that if they can take advantage of the explosion of sales of downloadable games and the purchase of Kimochi, they can reach the goal of being the reference.

In fact, the welcome couldn't have been better. After announcing the acquisition of Kimochi, they have managed to reach a peak of 20,000 users. With this, developers will have a place to sell their games digitally, and stop doing so by soliciting donations in freeware and shareware formats. Users will also have a system similar to Steam to download adult games.