Samsung F6400 LED, in-depth analysis

samsung f6400

The new F6400 series from Samsung is composed of televisions LCD backlit LED very different diagonal screen sizes ranging from 32 - inch medium to large 75 inches. They have integrated Wi-Fi and are connected televisions (Smart TV), capable of playing streaming audio and video from the Internet, but also from devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. They have four HDMI digital video inputs, three USB 2.0 capable of playing movies, and part of their functions can be controlled by voice.

The F6400 family includes these models: Samsung UE32F6400 (32-inch), Samsung UE40F6400 (40-inch), Samsung UE46F6400 (46-inch), Samsung UE50F6400 (50-inch), Samsung UE55F6400 (55-inch), Samsung UE65F6400 (65-inch), and Samsung UE75F6400 (75 inches).

samsung f6400


The Samsung F6400 LEDs only measure 4.96 centimeters deep. They are slim televisions with a narrow black frame. The manufacturer has baptized the design with the name of One Design Slim. The lampshade rests on a blade- shaped base with a metallic finish; the foot allows you to rotate the screen left and right. Either way, it is also possible to mount the TV on the wall, although the bracket is purchased separately. In those cases, when the screen is a bit far from the viewing positions - something almost inevitable if it is one of the models with a large diagonal - it is possible to extend the range of the remote control, using an accessory included that extends to the coverage radius of the infrared receiver.

samsung f6400

Image and sound

The LCD panel of these televisions offers a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels; They are Full HD (1080p). They have LED backlighting located on the edges and the image engine is a 3D HyperReal. Also, the brand's engineers have put several image enhancement technologies, including one that broadens the color palette and another that filters out digital noise. An ambient light sensor takes care of automatically adjusting the brightness to the existing lighting conditions in the room at all times.

The Samsung F6400 can display three-dimensional stereoscopic images; They use the active 3D system. To perceive the effect, the spectator must wear glasses; no problem because the package has two pairs of 3D glasses model Samsung SSG-5100 supplied. Those consumers who have few 3D movies at home can, but still want to enjoy three-dimensional content, can turn to the 2D to 3D converter. For the rest, the user has at her disposal several image modes, specific for movies, video games and sports. These devices can tune in to analogue television broadcasts, DTT and HD DTT . Besides, they are compatible with HbbTV broadband hybrid television .

The built-in speakers are positioned so that they shoot the sound downward. Specifically, there are two full-range speakers. The power output (RMS) is 2 by 10 several, and these televisions are capable of offering various surround audio formats, such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, DTS Studio Sound, and DTS Premium Audio 5.1. As is customary in most modern televisions, it has an automatic volume leveling device.

samsung f6400

Smart tv

The new Samsung F6400 LED TVs include the latest version of the brand's platform user interface for smart connected TVs - Smart Hub 2013 . It is more intuitive than the previous ones and the designers have simplified it a lot to make it more user-friendly . Through only five icons it is possible to access all the services, contents and applications. One of them is dedicated to social networks, and is the gateway to friends on Facebook and Twitter and the news. Through On TV, the user can consult the programs that are being broadcast on television at that time and those that are going to start shortly, apart from consulting the programming guide and recorded TV. Within Photos, videos and music are also grouped recorded television programs. The Movies & Shows section is sorted into Favorites, Featured, Movies, TV Shows, and Purchased.

These televisions learn from user behavior; This is the function called S Recommendation. Thus, they make recommendations for broadcast content adapted to the interests of the inhabitants of the house. When it comes to searching, the results offered take precedence over those related to the user's tastes over the most popular ones. This feature also works when searching through recorded television programs.

The Samsung Smart TV platform also offers thousands of applications to download from the Samsung Apps store, apart from various Internet movie services and channels. By the way, the web browser is pre-installed.

samsung f6400


The Samsung F6400 LEDs include four HDMI digital video inputs , a scart, and a combo input for component video or A / V. This is completed with an optical digital audio output, a headphone output, and a common interface (CI) slot, ready for pay DTT. The connection to the Internet and home networks can be wireless via Wi-Fi or using the Ethernet port . They can stream content wirelessly from computers, tablets and smartphones. They also have three USB 2.0 portsto connect external hard drives, memory keys or other devices. The USB supports the playback of videos, songs and photos, but it can also be used to record television programs.

These television series F6400 from Samsung to control various functions using voice commands , except the 32 - inch model. Inside the package there is an advanced remote control (Smart Touch) that includes a touch panel and an integrated microphone, except for the 32-inch screen that is only accompanied by a basic control. However, all of them can be completed with an optional wireless keyboard, which is sold separately. On the other hand, to be able to hold videoconferences it is necessary to add a webcam.

In summary, the Samsung F6400 LED are complete Full HD televisions capable of displaying 3D movies that can also access the Internet and other home networks.

Data sheet

PanelLCD with LED backlight
Screen Diagonals32 inch

40 inch

46 inches

50 inch

55 inch

65 inches

75 inches

ResolutionFull HD (1080p)
3DActive 3D

2D to 3D converter

Image engine3D HyperReal
SoundDolby Digital

Dolby Pulse

DTS Studio Sound

DTS Premium Audio 5.1

Speakers2 full-range speakers

Output power: 2 by 10 W

Connectivity4 HDMI inputs


Component Video / A / V

Optical digital audio output

Headphone out

3 USB 2.0



Common interface (CI) slot

Target priceUE32F6400: 700 euros

UE40F6400: 1,000 euros

UE46F6400: 1,200 euros

UE50F6400: 1,500 euros

UE55F6400: 1,700 euros

UE65F6400: 3,000 euros

UE75F6400: 6,000 euros

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