5 key features of the Alcatel 1 with Android GO

5 key features of the Alcatel 1 with Android GO

Are you looking for an inexpensive mobile, with a panoramic screen and a fluid system? The Alcatel firm, belonging to TCL, has presented in Spain a new economic device with Android Go, the special edition of Google's operating system for mobile phones with few resources. We are talking about Alcatel 1. This mobile has other very interesting specifications, such as a widescreen, quad-core processor and a compact design. Do you want to know more about this terminal? We show you its five key characteristics


The Alcatel 1 is built in polycarbonate. It has a minimalist and comfortable design , with a back that has a brushed finish and ends with curved edges. Right there we see the main camera with the LED flash in the lower area. Just below the Alcatel logo. On the front we do not find minimal frames, but we do find a panoramic screen that we will talk about later. In the lower area we do not find anything, since the keypad is located directly on the screen. At the top is the speaker for calls, cameras and sensors.

Other highlights of the design is that it has thin frames. The keypad is in the right area. Additionally, the power button features a rough texture for faster detection.


5-inch widescreen

The Alcatel 1 screen is another of its strengths. The firm has decided to implement a panoramic panel (also called Full View) DE 18: 9. A screen with this aspect ratio allows us to better enjoy multimedia content in a horizontal position. In addition, services such as Netflix or YouTube have optimization. The size of this panel is 5 inches and it has FWVGA resolution.

Android GO, the main course of the Alcatel 1

Without any doubt, the essence of this new device is Android GO. It is a special version for mobiles with shortened specifications. In the case of Alcatel 1, it has 8.0 Oreo Go edition and all the new features that it entails. We hardly see changes in the customization layer, but the applications change for more basic ones. We find Google applications that cut memory, but allow us to do the same functions as conventional apps. In addition, it also has Google Play where we can see and download the Go applications , which are special for this version of the operating system.


Camera and add-ons

This Alcatel 1 has a 5 megapixel main lens and a 2 megapixel front lens , but the interesting thing is not in its lenses, but in the additions that the company incorporates. Social Mode is a service that allows us to edit and modify our images through different settings, such as the ability to make collages in real time, view photos instantly and then share them.

Price and availability

The Alcatel 1 is priced at approximately 70 euros , making it the firm's terminal and the cheapest Android Go mobile on the market. At least for the moment. It is already available in the main online stores in blue or black.