Hannspree Micro PC, a computer with Windows 8.1 that fits in your pocket

Hannspree Micro PC

Maximum portability, good performance. The Hannspree Micro PC is a different proposition. A device that is the size of a USB modem and takes the concept of a Windows computer to new heights. And it is that users can enjoy a complete PC with Windows 8.1 just by connecting this accessory to an HDMI port of a monitor or a TV. All it powered by a processor Intel Atom quad core , a memory 2GB RAM and an internal memory of 32 GBexpandable via Micro SD cards. A unique way to enjoy your computer anywhere and carry your digital life in your pocket. The Hannspree Micro PC is available on the market for an approximate price of 190 euros. We tell you all the details of this accessory.

The Hannspree Micro PC lives up to its name. This model occupies only the space of a USB modem, with dimensions of 110 x 38 x 9.8 mm and weighing 38 grams . A very easy format to carry in any backpack or pocket, to the point that it is very easy for its true utility to go unnoticed. And it is that inside this model is a fully functional computer with Windows. This is possible thanks to the use of a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor with a power of 1.83 GHz , along with a 2 GB RAM.. In principle, we should not have any problem moving through the menus and typical desktop applications in Windows 8.1, since this model has a technical capacity comparable to many tablets and convertibles with this platform.

Hannspree Micro PC, a pocket-sized Windows 8.1 computer 1

To store the operating system and our personal files, the internal memory of this model is placed at 32 GB . Keep in mind that the system will take just over half of this capacity, something that can considerably limit the ability to store data. To get all the juice out of this micro computer, it is advisable to get a Micro SD card of up to 128 GB and thus fill in the space. available. To operate this model, simply connect the device through an HDMI portto a device with an image input such as a monitor or a TV (it must be borne in mind that the vast majority of laptops only have image output through HDMI) and at the same time connect it to the power through a micro cable USB. By the way, a simple HDMI extender is included that aims to protect the connection of the equipment to the monitor and prevent the Micro PC connector itself from bending or deteriorating.

The Hannspree Micro PC includes a USB 2.0 port for connecting a compatible device such as a mouse or keyboard. Another technology that can be key when it comes to squeezing the juice out of this model is its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity , thanks to which we can synchronize accessories such as an external speaker or a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. When connecting to the network, WiFi is used . In short, a very interesting accessory that brings the Windows universe to our pocket and that you can already find for 190 euros.