Acer Aspire E14, 14-inch multimedia notebook in six colors

Acer Aspire E14, 14-inch multimedia notebook in six colors 2

The Acer Aspire E14 is a 14-inch multimedia notebook with a clear commitment to color. A team that gathers the latest trends in the mobile segment by offering a wide range of configurations in different shades such as blue, black, white or green (up to a total of six different colors). In addition, it offers the option of a touch panel to take full advantage of the possibilities of Windows 8.1 Pro . All this with various processor, graphics card or storage options. The Acer Aspire E14 will be available on the market in August at a price starting at 500 euros. We tell you all the details that the Taiwanese company has revealed.

As we said at the beginning, the Acer Aspire E14 bets on a 14-inch panel with a resolution that can be standard or jump to Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) to achieve a higher level of detail. Users can also opt for a touch screen configuration with recognition of up to 10 simultaneous pressure points . But probably the most obvious aspect of this device is its carefree commitment to color. Acer will market this model in six different colors, including black, white, copper, red, blue, and see you. A proposal that significantly increases the customization capacity of the laptop.

Returning to a more technical part, the Acer Aspire E14 will be able to show off different processors, both from the fourth generation Intel Core family and from the manufacturer AMD. These chips will be joined to a maximum of 16 GB of RAM (the standard memory will be placed in the 4 GB of RAM) and will be reinforced by a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics. In both cases, it is a specification that will significantly improve your performance both in games and when moving heavy videos.

Acer Aspire E14

Regarding the internal memory, this equipment will use a hard disk that can reach a maximum of 1 TB of space. It is an interesting choice to be able to save a greater number of multimedia files and games, but that point of speed that is achieved with SSD memories is lost.

Acer has chosen the Windows 8.1 Pro operating system for this notebook. Although it is an operating system that has received many criticisms, Microsoft has released two updates that significantly improve the user experience and that incorporate several features aimed at users who are used to the Windows universe. For example, if we use the computer with the mouse, when we drag the icon to the bottom we will see in any application the desktop task bar and icons with all the open apps. In addition, when you drag the mouse upwards, we will have a button to minimize the application and another to close it. Undoubtedly, these two improvements substantially transform the experience of using this system with a mouse, and can attract many users who until now denied this platform. To see the Acer Aspire E14 in stores will have to wait until August . Its starting price has been set at 500 euros.