Dell Vostro 5568 and Vostro 3568, laptops for SMEs


The American company Dell today announced its new notebooks in the Vostro range , the new Vostro 15 from the 5000 series and the Vostro 15 notebook from the 3000 series which have been designed for professional use, specifically for SMEs. These are two productivity-ready notebooks with an emphasis on security and management.

The quality offered by these new laptops in accordance with their price, make them the perfect elements for those who are starting a startup and need all the computing functions integrated in a single device.

Vostro 5568

The new Vostro 5000 series has a 15-inch screen and premium features at a really competitive price. It is available in two expansion options that reach processors up to 7th generation Intel Core i7 and with up to 4 GB of GDDR5 memory . Regarding the internal memory, the superior model allows us up to 1 TB of HDD hard disk and 256 GB of SSD memory  although there is also a dual HDD + SSD hard disk option with which we can expand the storage capacity. Thanks to Windows Hello technology, the laptop has an extra security system: a fingerprint reader. In addition, security is further increased with a hardware protection system using encryption key storage thanks to the TPM 2.0 system . Connectivities are also present through HDMI and VGA ports to be able to connect the equipment to external monitors or televisions.


Vostro 3568

This new 3000 series laptop has a 15-inch FHD screen that enables remarkable graphics performance and a host of security and productivity features specifically targeted at small businesses that need a computer to get started but can't afford something extremely expensive. As in the Vostro 5568 it also has several processor options ranging up to 7th generation Intel Core i5 with up to 1 TB of 256 GB hard drive or SSD and up to 8 GB of DDR4 memory . All these features make the Vostro 15 3000 seriesthe perfect team to increase the productivity of small businesses. One of the versions has an integrated fingerprint reader and HDMI and VGA ports to facilitate connection with screens or other devices.

From Dell they have wanted to offer a support service for small companies that are starting and cannot afford their own computer service. That is why the new Vostro notebooks will have a Dell support service,  ProSupport Plus . This service will offer 24/7 incident assistance service in addition to offering technical support and repair.

The new laptops will be available in the next few days, specifically the Vostro 5568 from September 2 and the Vostro 3568 from October 11 , both on the manufacturer's website .