FileChef, a search engine with direct links to music or movie downloads


Surely on many occasions you have spent hours going around Google looking for a link to a program that you needed, and that there was no way to find it despite the millions of links on the Internet. And it is that just when we need something with a little urgency, it never appears.

This is how an initiative called FileChef has emerged to help us . A service that will undoubtedly facilitate direct downloads of everything we are looking for , as long as it is on Google. And it is that this tool is based on Google technology as a search engine , only that it does it through commands that we will hardly remember.

Through a very simple web page , without any visual display, we enter what we want to search in a text field and on the left we have a selectable on what type of content it is. In fact, we can see how the example tells us to look for 'Lost s01', the first chapter of the popular Lost series . It is just as it sounds, a search engine that directs us to the direct download links of any file on the web , using Google as a search engine.

Well, once we do a search, it will take us to a direct download of the file, whether a program we are looking for, a book, music, images ... Of course, we must be very careful with what we download to our computer , since it could have some hidden virus.

The operation is like any official website, since only by clicking 'Download' we will get the file, not like in many unlawful websites where we find an infinity of buttons to download that are really covert advertising or even some type of malware.

In case of doubt, as when clicking on the download the file is simply requested and we already start downloading it without knowing its origin, a download manager would be very helpful to avoid infections and greater evils.


How does FileChef work?

What this web page does is use the Google search filters, fine-tuning what it shows us by delimiting the type of file, the format and more parameters that we do not usually enter in our searches.

This is how the results are usually from FTP servers and other locations where the download is direct, without any kind of intermediaries. Something similar to if we do a normal Google search with an 'index of' in front.

As for the filters, as soon as we do a search we will see what the format of it is. For example, if we search for the CCleaner program for a direct download, this is what it is really looking for:

ccleaner + (exe | iso | tar | rar | zip | apk) -inurl: (jsp | pl | php | html | aspx | htm | cf | shtml) intitle: index.of "last modified" -inurl: (listen77 | mp3raid | mp3toss | mp3drug | index_of | wallywashis)

In short, FileChef will make it easier for us to search for software, games, images, movies, mp3s and others, but we must always check what we download by applying the antivirus before executing the content.