How to know if I have been blocked on Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is probably the most popular messaging application along with WhatsApp, at least in Spain and the rest of Europe. This is the reason why most of the searches related to the Facebook service coincide with those of WhatsApp. One of the most common has to do with being blocked by other users. "How to know that they have blocked you in Facebook Messenger", "How to know if a messenger contact has blocked me", "How to know if they have blocked you in Messenger" ... This time we will give you several keys to find out if someone has blocked from your contact list .

How do I know if I have been blocked on Messenger

Messenger, as a Facebook application, is a service dependent on the latter. Put into practice it means that if someone blocks us on Facebook, messages will automatically be blocked on Messenger .

block facebook messenger

The application also offers the ability to only block messages. We can do this by clicking on the Info icon within the conversation and sliding to the Block option . Within this section we can block the contact, Messenger messages or both at the same time. But how can you tell if someone has blocked us?

How to know if I have been blocked on Facebook Messenger 1

It's very simple. The application will show us the following message when accessing the Facebook conversation:

You cannot reply to this conversation. More information.

We can therefore deduce that the user has blocked our messages . To find out if it has blocked us on Facebook we will have to proceed in the way that we will explain below.

How to know if someone has blocked me on Facebook

We already know how to detect a block on Facebook Messenger. But what about Facebook?

In this case the way to proceed is as simple as looking for the name of the contact in the Messenger search engine or the Facebook one if we have the latter. If the contact does not appear to us, it is likely that they have blocked us, although it may be the case that they have deleted their account.

I have been blocked in messenger

Checking the latter is as simple as conducting a search on Facebook for the same profile through an account other than ours or through the Google search engine. Another way to proceed is to use old comments from the contact in question or tagged photos . If the profile appears as Unavailable after clicking on its name, there will be no doubt: it has blocked us.