The ten most absurd Guinness records we've seen on YouTube

Guinness record 01

Since the human being populated the face of the Earth, a phrase was inoculated into our existence. In Spanish we know it as “there are no eggs” and it consists of challenging the staff to do things that are completely absurd, inconsequential, expendable and unnecessary for our lives. And that, to top it all, on many occasions they put our integrity at risk. In the middle of this equation is the Guinness Book of Records, like a fish in water , today turned into a YouTube channel . After many hours browsing the channel, we leave you the most absurd challenges that we have been able to find.

The longest human domain in the world

Guinness records are often a way of creating viral advertising (long before this existed as we understand it today). In this way, a shopping center in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in the center of the country, set out to break a record in order to publicize its extensive offer of mattresses . To do this, more than 2,000 people tied themselves to a mattress and dropped one after the other until they reached the last one already inside the store.

More consecutive yoga positions on a moving motorcycle

Sometimes it is even difficult to define the object of the record itself. We're not going to get into the fact that he doesn't even wear a helmet (what's the use of breaking a record if you can't brag about it?). Total, that the friend in question decided to beat the Guinness record for yoga poses on a running motorcycle . Merit has, without a doubt. But just thinking about how much life has risked practicing to achieve this record makes the hair stand on end ...

The fastest to eat half a kilo of mozzarella without hands

Little more to add to such a strident headline. One of the thousands of Guinness records that we can see is that of eating 500 grams of mozzarella without hands . The question here is whether there is a category for each type of cheese in the world. Because surely Vittorio Noschese, who took just over a minute and a half to digest the Italian cheese mass, would take much longer to finish with half a kilo of Cabrales cheese ...

More hugs in a minute

What is a hug exactly? If we stop at the first meaning of the RAE, just putting someone in your arms and squeezing slightly is enough. Without the slightest hint of affection (maybe a new category can be opened to break a Guinness record for affectionate hugs), a guy from India hugged 79 children in less than a minute. A record, actually, of a group nature. The size of the record is such that they haven't even bothered to put the man's name on the video ...

The loudest burp in history

Getting carried away by clichés, it seems obvious that this record is held by a British citizen. Since 2009, Paul “The Burp King” Hunn holds an almost insurmountable record: 109.9 decibels . A level that Wikipedia defines as concert. Above an electric drill or almost twice as much as a vacuum cleaner, standing in the range of a running aircraft engine… A record that has the treatment of practically unbeatable. A true hero of Great Britain .

More head-sucked cans

The man with this impressive head is named Jamie Keeton, he is American and he has had nothing better to do in his life than, taking advantage of his incipient alopecia, to suck cans with his head . Explaining it is complicated. What moves a man to suck things. And what day do you think of breaking a Guinness record. But the best thing about this video is the infinite seriousness with which the judge is examining the record while he is like who eats a bag of pipes on a Sunday.

Embrace death: Eat ten chili peppers in the shortest time possible

Guinness record organizers often boast that challenges that are harmful to the health of the contestants are never accepted. Well, it seems that eating ten hyper-hot chili peppers in just one minute is not considered bad for your health. But after seeing this friendly Togolese citizen sweating and crying after breaking the record, we cannot help but imagine what his next visit to the toilet will be like ... But the merit does not lie only in eating this absurd and huge amount of chili peppers, but we have to wait a few minutes until these are not expelled by the body of the contestant for the record to be valid. In true Adam Richman style in Carnivorous Chronicles ...

Increased number of puffy balloons blowing through the nose

Another one of those records that require a volume of previous preparation that scares. How many hours has this young Italian invested in practicing enough to break this record? How could he have used it for something really useful? Be that as it may, the young man already has his five minutes of fame. A record that to top it all requires four judges, one to note the number of balloons, another to measure the correct diameter of the same and another two to supervise that everything is being carried out with the necessary diligence. Not a trivial record, since after blowing the air into the balloon the contestant has to tie it and leave it perfectly ready.

Greater number of broken cookies with the back

Another record where clearly the contender could have spent his time on something more useful. Besides not having wasted hundreds of euros on cookies that could have been used to give breakfast to half Humanity. In addition, here there is a competitive advantage analogous to that of basketball players, since without that unique physiognomy the record could never be broken. The man who beat him was a young Englishman whose name has not deserved to be featured in the video. We only know about him that he is a student. So you can imagine that during his thousands of hours of boredom and hazing in the British college on duty came the opportunity to break Maria cookies as if there were no tomorrow. From there to the history books ...

The longest journey in Minecraft

Historically, the Guinness Book of Records has been either the strongest or the fastest doing things. Breaking bricks with your forehead in two minutes, eating a kilo of unpeeled artichokes… But in parallel with the rise of eSports, the Guinness World Record has made the leap into the virtual world. There are also digital records that are broken by freaks from around the world. One of them is the American citizen Curt J. Mac, who holds the record for having made the longest trip in the popular video game Minecraft . Hours and hours traveling through game maps until completing a total of more than 2,000,000 million blocks, which would be the equivalent in real life to ... 2,097 kilometers. Which equates to just over 16% of the game. This 33-year-old man resides in the city of Phoenix, Arizona and has donated all the proceeds of this feat to different charitable organizations.