How to listen to all the themes of the OT 2020 galas on Spotify

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The famous talent show directed by Tinet Rubira is already on its third gala so far this edition if we have gala 0. With each program, the contestants of Operación Triunfo record the songs that are commissioned from the board of directors to expose them later in the different official channels of the program. There are two albums that the 2020 edition has so far with a total of nineteen songs if we take into account the group songs .

Are you a fan of Operación Triunfo? Do you want to listen to the songs of the galas? Find out how through Spotify.

So you can listen to the songs of Operación Triunfo 2020

At the moment, the musical program presented by Roberto Leal already has two discs on the market that can be purchased through the different digital platforms. Spotify is the preferred platform for the contest, although we can also use Apple Music or even YouTube Music.

If we opt for the first, the way to find the records published by the program is as simple as searching for 'Operación Triunfo' followed by the number of the gala . We can also use the lists that we will leave you below.

To store the discs in our personal Spotify list we can click on the Save button or on Add to Playlist.

How to listen to all the themes of the OT 2020 galas on Spotify 1

If what we want is to store a specific theme, all we have to do is right-click on the theme in question and select Add to Playlist . In case of having a Spotify Premium subscription, we can listen to all the songs without the need for an Internet connection.

How to watch Operación Triunfo performances live

Unfortunately the program does not publish the live performances of the various contestants in the contest. For this, we will have to refer to the official OT 2020 channel on YouTube , which we can access through the following link.

To download YouTube songs we can use any page to convert YouTube videos into MP3. In the article that we have just attached we collect some of the best known.