How to know before if the income statement 2019 is going to pay or return


The Income 2019 campaign is just around the corner. This 2020 it's time to take stock of the previous twelve months in economic matters, so that you can already prepare all the paperwork. Specifically, the 2019 Income begins on April 2 , the date on which taxpayers will already be in a position to confirm their drafts and present the final 2019 Income statement.

You may have your accounts more or less clear, but the truth is that many times it is not until we enter all the data related to our return that we get an idea of ​​the result that we will obtain . In this specific case, whether we will pay or return.

In order not to scare you, the ideal is to use a simulator. Did you know that there are online simulators that can help you know the results of the 2019 Income before making the final declaration? If this is your case, today we help you use tools to carry out simulations before the moment arrives. Let's go there!


Rent WEB Open Simulator

It is a free and official tool. Official because it is within the services provided by the Tax Agency through its website. From March 15 you can carry out simulations of possible income statements. You must bear in mind that the calculations you make through this system are not binding in any case . In fact, the program also does not serve to file the returns. If you want to do it, it will have to be from April 2 and through the WEB Income program, which is the one that for some time now, serves to make the Income.

All you have to do to start using the tool is to access the simulator page. Choose New declaration to start the procedure. From here, you will have to enter all your personal data and upload the information from this year's draft. Keep in mind that the system will be operational from March 15, so please wait until that day to start calculating. The tool is very similar to the Renta WEB system, so you will find the system very familiar .

The final result that it will report will be that of the declaration itself, but enter the data well. If you have problems doing it or you don't know very well what information to include in each box, contact your manager for help.

How to know before if the 2019 Income tax return pays or returns 1

The AFI simulator

But the officer is not the only one. We have found another simulator, in this case launched by AFI (International Financial Analysts), which will also allow you to know if this year the 2019 Income will be paid or returned. To use it you have to register and, logically, enter your tax information. It is important that to do the simulation you have all the data at hand or that you wait to have the official draft of the Tax Agency.


Thus, it is essential to enter both personal and income data. The final figure that you will obtain will be indicative , so it is always convenient to bear in mind that there is a margin of error. The official result is the one that commands.

How to know beforehand if the 2019 Income tax return will pay or return 2

IRPF calculation

These simulators will come in handy to make the 2019 Income Statement and know the results ahead of time, but there are other tools that can be just as useful . We refer, for example, to this Personal Income Tax Calculator, which allows taxpayers to know what fee they must pay for Personal Income Tax (Personal Income Tax) based on the gross salary and the characteristics of the taxpayer.