The best TV deals in PcComponentes TV week

The best TV deals in PcComponentes TV week

We are always aware of new offers on technological devices. Be it smartphones, tablets, computers or even televisions. Many of the large online and physical stores create promotions to lower the price of their products, this is the case of the online portal PcComponentes. It has created the week of TV, for several days we can get televisions from brands such as Samsung, LG or Philips with discounts of up to 21 percent. Plus some related accessories. Next, we show you the most interesting offers

Samsung TVs

We have several discounted Samsung models, with different screen sizes. For users looking for large, 55 ”™” ™ displays, we have several Samsung models. They are as follows:

  1. E60KS7000 60 ″ 4K UltraHD LED : RRP of 1599 euros. The discount is 13 percent, staying at about 1,400 euros.
  2. UE55KU6400 55 ″ LED UltraHD 4K: RRP of 999 euros, the discount is 25 percent and we can get it at 755 euros.
  3. UE55KS8000 55 ″ LED UHD 4K: RRP of 1649 euros, the discount is 12 percent, leaving a final price of 1459 euros.
  4. 55KU6172 ​​55 ″ Curved LED UltraHD 4k: The sale price of this TV is 699, the discount is 5 percent, staying at 669 euros.
  5. UE55KU6500 55 ″ LED 4K UltraHD: Its RRP is 859 euros, the discount of 9 percent. Leaving a final price of 789 euros.

If we want them a little more contained, we have 50-inch options, such as the UE50KU6000 model with 4K resolution for a price of 559 euros. Or 43 inches, with 4K Ultra HD resolution for a price of 419 euros. And if we want it with accessories, we can choose between two 48 or 32-inch models with Chromecast . Their prices are 405 and 256 euros respectively.


lg 49uh650v

LG 49UH650V

We also have different offers on some LG TVs. For example, of large size we can find different varieties, such as 49 inches, with Full HD resolution for 389 euros. Or, if we prefer a more contained size, we have the possibility of buying different models, such as the 43LH630V of 43 ″ for 379 euros. Or 32 inches for 279 euros.

Philips TVs

On the web we also have some very interesting Philips TVs. If it's oversized we're looking for, we have a 49-inch option. The model is 49PFS5301, with Full HD resolution and at a price of 490 euros.

philips smart tv

Other very interesting options of Philips televisions is the 32-inch model 32PHS4132 / 12, with HD resolution. In this case, we can buy it with or without Chromecast. With the accessory the TV will cost us 239 euros. Without it, about 200 euros. If what we want is something smaller, but with good resolution, the Philips TV 2PFT4031 / 12, 22 inches and with Full HD resolution, is also available . In this case, we can buy for 169 with ChromeCast included.

Other televisions and accessories

We have also found some very interesting offers from accessories and other brands of televisions. For example, the Sony KD55XD8005 55 ″ LED 4K UltraHD TV for 859 euros. Or a H isense H55M7000 55 ″ LED UHD 4K TV for 709 euros . Also different supports from an approximate price of 15 euros, or LG Sound bars for 358 euros.

All offers available here.