ACER S276HL, in-depth analysis


Years that the screen size is growing . In the living room of our homes we had, until a few years ago, 19 or 24-inch televisions without this looking strange, but for a long time, the size of these devices has only been growing. With computer monitors the trend is the same . If a 15-inch monitor was the norm a few years ago, they are increasingly being manufactured larger, and with a different aspect ratio.

The Acer S276HL is a really large, widescreen monitor . Its appearance seems more like a television than a monitor, precisely because of these factors. And now we want large screens for everything, with style and that they do not force us to scroll to reach all the points of the images.

However, the fact of choosing a panoramic monitor has more to do with the use that we are going to give it than with the simple fact of wanting a large screen. The panoramic format is not intended for writing texts or browsing web pages, but rather for watching movies or working with some specific programs, so this Acer monitor is not the most suitable for all audiences, but rather responsive to the specific needs of some users.

Below we thoroughly review all the features of the Acer S276HL



The design is without a doubt the first thing that catches the eye of this screen. The lines of the  S276HL are really neat, as expected from a brand like Acer . The model not only looks light for its aesthetics, but it actually weighs very little, so transporting it in case of need is very simple.

The bottom of the screen is one of the highlights of the design. It gives the impression of being in a precarious balance, since the fulcrum is not in the center of the device, but shifted to the right. However, the screen does not have any balance problems and, as expected, it does not fall accidentally.

In the narrow base it concentrates both the buttons and the connections. At the back, hidden from view, we find all the physical ports we need to connect the screen to the computer or other devices. On the front, it has a series of buttons to adjust the monitor parameters. The design is very careful, and the buttons are finished with the same polished plastic as the rest of the base. Only a small blue LED indicates that the screen is on.


But the most spectacular is the screen itself. On the one hand , its 27-inch diagonal makes the monitor very large at first glance . But this feeling is also helped by the frame of the screen. It's really narrow , barely 1.2 centimeters counting the outer frame. As for the thickness, it does not exceed two centimeters in almost the entire set. It is only somewhat thicker at the rear, where two small speakers are located.


As we have pointed out, this monitor is not intended for web browsing, although it does not pose great problems at this point either . The point is that it is much wider than it is tall, with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. This means that when viewing a web, there is a lot of white space on the sides.

However, it is perfectly suited for video viewing. Thanks to its Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) , you can enjoy the highest quality when we see a movie or series, both for resolution and size.


In addition, it is very comfortable to work with graphic editing programs such as Photoshop . Many users of this program have problems with their monitors because they are of an inappropriate size or format to display all the tools on the screen. The large horizontal size of this monitor solves this problem, since there is plenty of space for the image we are working on to appear and a multitude of tools on the sides. The same can be said for other graphic editing programs such as video editors.

The size of the screens, the resolution and the response time (6 ms) also make it very suitable for enjoying the most cutting-edge video games . The contrast it offers reaches values ​​of 100,000,000: 1 , which makes it excellent to enjoy the textures and graphics of the best titles on the market.

The problem of web browsing can be solved in different ways. On the one hand it is not too annoying to find blank parts on the sides , since they are not too distracting from the view of important matters. However, there are many free tools and applications that allow us to configure the properties of the screen . Thus, for example, the monitor can be divided into two parts with an imaginary line in the center, so that the windows or tabs are successively opened on one side or the other.

Although the size and resolution make this monitor ideal for use in video conferencing, unfortunately it has a great shortcoming: it does not have a webcam. It may be the biggest flaw in this equipment, and it is probably due to the manufacturer's intention to make the monitor as thin and light as possible.

It has two speakers on the sides that can save us from trouble if we have another audio output available or if we make very little use of these devices. However, they do not stand out for their power or quality, as is logical when dealing with such small speakers integrated into the screen.


Picture settings

The monitor allows you to adjust some parameters to make the image more appropriate depending on the type of content that is being viewed. We can choose the automatic modes for films or graphics, as well as an "ECO" mode, which reduces the brightness of the screen , and with this, the electricity consumption that it generates.

In the personalized mode, called "user", we can choose the brightness, contrast or color temperature, according to our preferences. We can also choose the refresh rate or a screen resolution lower than 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.


The simplification of video standards means that today it is not necessary to have a large number of ports on a monitor. Even so, at the back of the base we find everything we need so that we can see all the content we need on the screen.

On the one hand we find two HDMI inputs . This is the most common format today, since it allows simultaneous input of audio and video in Full HD quality in a single cable. It also has a VGA port, the other most widely used standard.

Just in case it is necessary, it also has an audio input in 3.5 mm format (minikack), as well as the electrical outlet. All ports are at the back of the narrow base, and therefore hidden from view.

Data sheet

ModelAcer S276HL

27 inches

1,920 x 1,080 pixels

16: 9

Brightness and Contrast200/250 cd / m2

100,000,000: 1

Response time6 ms
Multimedia Integrated speakers
Connectivity 1 x VGA

2 x HDMI

Audio input

Dimensions (with stand)

622.2 x 449.9 x 142.3 mm
Weight (with stand)

6.8 kg
Target price

+ infoAcer

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