Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

In the territory of video game consoles there is a lot of competition. Every so often a renewal of the latest Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft console arrives, with new games, better graphics , higher performance and, above all, greater power to be able to play in a fluid way. In this article we will tell you everything about the two consoles that are attracting the most attention because many of you will want to renew the console. So here we go, Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, all the differences and similarities.

Nintendo or Sony

Let's start with the basics. The Nintendo Switch is manufactured by Nintendo while the PS4 Pro is manufactured by Sony . They are two totally different consoles in terms of concept. While the PS4 Pro is destined to be part of our living room and needs a permanent connection to a television or monitor, the Nintendo Switch is designed to take anywhere. And it fits in a small backpack. Of course, we can also connect it to the TV and enjoy games on the big screen.


In terms of power at a glance, we have the PS4 Pro as the winner . It was clear that the Sony console was going to be more powerful. Specifically, we have an 8-core processor signed by AMD and a 4.20 teraflops graphics chip signed by the same brand and based on Radeon graphics cards. For RAM we have 8 GB GDDR5 and in storage we have 1 TB.

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

All this display of power is summed up in graphic power. We can play at 60 frames per second. In addition, we have 4K HDR support , which means that we can use it as a multimedia center and enjoy content at maximum resolution and with high dynamic range.

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

The Nintendo Switch is much more restrained in raw power. Inside we have a processor signed by NVIDIA, the Tegra that we have already seen in other devices such as the Pixel C. As for RAM we have 4 GB and storage 32 GB, but with expansion by microSD cards. Being a portable concept, we have a 6.2-inch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution.

Despite having less power, the Nintendo Switch can offer us a most outstanding gaming experience. Once we connect it to its base with television output, we can watch the games in FULL HD and play at 60 frames per second . Which makes for a smooth gaming experience.

Exclusive games

When deciding to buy one console or another it is important to see the catalog of games that they will have . We can't expect a Mario on the PS4 Pro or an Uncharted on the Nintendo Switch. We have to weigh which titles we want to play and depending on this we can make a better decision about the console to buy.

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

Among the most notable Nintendo Switch exclusives we find The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild , Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey. As for the PS4 Pro we have Uncharted 4 , Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nier Automata. We see that both have interesting titles so it will be a difficult decision, but we will have to weigh which game we are most looking forward to.

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I buy?

Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro, which one do I choose?

We have covered the most important aspects about these two consoles. Now the decision is in your hands. It is clear that they are two totally different concepts. The Nintendo Switch is made to be a portable console that can be docked and enjoyed on television. While the PS4 Pro is a living room console that also has functions to be used as a multimedia center.

As for the price, the Nintendo Switch is somewhat cheaper. We can find it on Amazon for 380 euros with a game or for 300 euros only the console. The price varies depending on the color. We find the PS4 Pro for 400 euros without any game or for 450 euros with a game, as we see in any of the cases it always pays to acquire it with a game .