How to sign up and download the accreditations for the October Film Festival

How to sign up and download the accreditations for the October Film Festival

The new year begins and, with it, the return to the routine, to see our children cry for leaving them in kindergarten, to wish like crazy for the weekend and cheap movies to come. How? Well, October is coming and, with it, a new edition of the film festival. A unique opportunity to see any movie that is being shown in theaters at a very special price, less than 3 euros each ticket. Without limits, you can buy and see the ones you want every day during the three it lasts.

The Film Festival is back on October 1,2 and 3

If you have already participated in other film parties, you will know that you have nothing more to do than wait for the mail to validate, again, your new accreditation for the October 2018 Film Festival, which will be held, by the way, in the October 1,2 and 3. Less than a month to enjoy all the movies for less than 3 euros! If this is the first time you participate and you want to know how to get accreditation (as long as you are over 14 years old and under 60 years old), do not miss out on what we tell you below.

To get your accreditation, first of all, you have to access the official page of the Film Festival on the web. Once inside, look at the bottom green strip where it says 'accredit me'. Press the corresponding arrow.

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Getting accreditation is very simple

Now, you will have to choose what type of accreditation you want. There are two kinds of passes , individual and group. Singles are only for one person while group can be used in groups of 10 people. The latter are ideal for groups of students who want to take advantage of the Film Festival to watch a movie at the cinema with their class. We also have the option of seeing the accreditation if we have already requested it on this occasion or recover it if we have lost it.

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Once the accreditation modality has been chosen (in our case, individual) we have to indicate whether we are new or we are veterans in this Film Festival. In my particular case, I am a veteran, so I would have to press the second option. You, the first, if it is your first time. If you are a veteran, you will only have to re-enter your email associated with other accreditations and your date of birth. If you are going to request it for the first time, fill out the entire form, including your full name, email, date of birth and province where you reside.

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Once the data is filled in, your accreditation will appear on the screen, as well as an email in which you can download your accreditation on paper . In our experience from other years, it is not necessary to show any paper with the accreditation, just showing it on the mobile phone is enough.

Remember that the next Film Festival will be held on October 1,2 and 3. You will be able to see premiere films such as the new thriller by Rodrigo Sorogoyen 'El Reino' with Antonio De La Torre, 'Milla 22', the new action film by actor Mark Whalberg, 'El reverendo', a new film by Paul Schrader, screenwriter of the mythical 'Taxi Driver', 'Venom', Sony's bet on the villain Spiderman or 'A star is born', debut on the big screen of the singer Lady Gaga.