Pioneer SC-55 Elite, an A / V amplifier with a lot of muscle

Pioneer SC-55 Elite, an A / V amplifier with a lot of muscle 1

Although there is still a great controversy about it, the truth is that traditional analog amplification, especially that based on “class A / B” amplifiers , does not live up to the demands imposed by the new high definition sounds . That's why Pioneer decided at the time to step forward, and incorporate digital or “class D” amplification in its latest Elite class amplifiers . The SC-55 belongs to the third generation of this new breed of equipment, endowed with much more power capacity without distortion . By the way, your Qdeo technology   video processing is the best on the market.

It's probably one of the most powerful multi-channel amplifiers in the house, with its nine 140-watt channels . A power that could be deafening at times, if it weren't for the fact that it maintains at all times the dynamics , the delicacy necessary to represent every detail of the sound . It can deliver maximum power on all channels at the same time without any noticeable loss. Pioneer shouldn't have done a bad job when they achieved the THX Select 2 Plus certification that enables this amp for rooms up to 185 m² .

Pioneer SC-55 Elite, an A / V amplifier with a lot of muscle 2

This team can work with sound formats HD and Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio , but is also capable of playing DTS NEO: X . To a large extent, the key to sound when it comes to reproducing musical sources is due to careful tuning of the electronics at the prestigious AIR studios in London when it was still a prototype. It does not have that distortion that is common in other digital amps with a less careful design. They have reduced the number of electronic components and insulated them better.

Sound quality is one of its virtues, but flexibility when installing it is another. It also allows creating additional rooms , leaving 5.2 sound in the main room, and two additional rooms are being made. It has HDMI connections and wireless technology AirPlay Apple to play music from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch , but also from computer desktop and laptop. By the way, it also incorporates DLNA compatibility to play MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC or WAV sound .