HP Tango X, experience of using this design printer

HP Tango X, experience of using this design printer

You have to admit it. Printers have not stood out to date for being pretty gadgets. What's more, many times the idea of ​​manufacturers has been to create equipment compact enough to be hidden in a corner. Something that HP wants to change with its HP Tango. A printer capable of dazzling you from the first moment. Or, at least, it is what she has achieved in the office with those of us who have approached her. Its compact size, the LED light lines on the front and the way it closes to maintain a balanced and beautiful design really does leave a very good feeling. It even has its own dedicated cover so it is not exposed when we stop using it.

HP Tango X printing

By the way, the difference between the HP Tango and HP Tango X nomenclature is this case. Prices vary between 150 euros for the configuration without a cover and 200 euros with a cover.

It is a printer very oriented to use with the smartphone thanks to a dedicated app, from which you can print documents, photos from our Facebook account or photos from the mobile gallery. This has been my experience using the HP Tango X after messing around with it for a few days.

HP Tango X Printer Datasheet

TypeInk, A4
FeaturesPrinting, Copying (through mobile app) and scanning (through mobile app)
Color / MonoColor
SpeedUp to 11 ppm in black and white and 8 in color
Maximum resolution2,400 x 600 dpi
Monthly CycleUp to 500 pages per month (between 100 and 300 pages recommended cycle)
screenNo screen
Paper input and output50-sheet input tray
Dimensions377 × 206 × 91 mm
Weight3.08 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price150 euros (without cover) 

200 euros (with cover)

A spectacular design

I never thought I'd say this, but the HP Tango X is a designer printer for your home . A team that you will want to have in your living room or office as soon as you see it. At least for its appearance. Functionality is another topic, which I will deal with later. But it is difficult to resist the crush of the first contact. It is a very compact model, with a rectangular design and rounded corners. Its height is just 9 centimeters , which gives an idea of ​​how small it is. The top and lid are white, while the bottom is dark gray.

HP-Tango-X open

One of the elements that immediately attracts attention is an LED light just above the document exit area, in blue. This line remains fixed with a stronger light in the central part and less strong on the sides, but sometimes it can also change in intensity from side to side. It is complemented by two more rows of LEDs that are located directly in the white area (and that blink when setting up the printer for the first time). This light generates a very marked feeling of elegance and modernity. Personally, I think it is an idea that should be taken to other models designed for the home.

Despite not having a screen or control buttons, the printer does communicate with us through sound to notify us of the reception of data to start a print, when configuring it or if there is a problem. Precisely, this absence of buttons is more than evident, since we only have one to turn on the WiFi and start the configuration and another to turn it off .

HP Tango X cartridges

When using the printer, you have to open the top cover that serves as the input tray itself once opened (by the way, with capacity for 50 A4 sheets or 20 sheets of photographic paper). To access the cartridge area, simply press a button on this inner part, which is gray with reflections. By the way, when we do this, the LED light line stays yellow.

The HP Tango X uses two cartridges, one black and one tri-color . By the way, in addition to the printer itself, we can buy a dark gray cover to store it when we are not using it. An interesting addition, although personally I find it too much to add 50 euros to the expense to get this cover.

hp print smart tango x

A printer to use with your mobile

There is no doubt that the HP Tango X is a printer designed for use with mobile phones . Although its WiFi connection gives it a lot of versatility, the configuration process has been carried out with a smartphone in mind with the HP Smart app. This process is quite simple. Once you have installed the app on the terminal, you have to press the small WiFi button on the back of the printer for several seconds. As soon as the LED lights begin to flash, it means that we can start the equipment. You have to click on the option to add a printer and then choose the HP Tango option. After configuring the WiFi network (you must have the mobile connected to the home network) we can start using the device.

The Tango is not a printer for users who print regularly. Rather, it is intended for occasional printing of both A4 documents and cards or photos. From the mobile we have various options such as printing documents, photos from the mobile itself or photos from Facebook. Here what we have been missing is an option to directly use the snapshots that we have uploaded to Instagram , since this network is increasingly stronger to the detriment of Facebook.

I also really liked that at a first glance you can already access the ink levels of the equipment and in general the design of the app, very visual when using large boxes to access the functions. It is a concept that is somewhat reminiscent of Windows Phone cells.

HP-smart-print copy

Copy and scan

This is an example of the use that can be made of the mobile to complete the functionality of a standard printer . The HP Tango X does not have a copier as such, but it can become one thanks to the HP Smart application itself. Through it, we can take a photo of a document and then print it in copier mode. With the auto option you can automatically recognize areas where there is text and then print. The recognition is not bad, but neither do you expect wonders in this mode or a powerful substitute for a multifunction copier.

Another option it offers you is to scan a document (also through the app) and then send it via email. But that is something you can already achieve through other applications and at no time does Tango itself come into play.

HP-Tango-X loads paper

Print speed and quality

Despite being a home-oriented printer, I found that the HP Tango X maintains quite acceptable print speeds so as not to make each print a torture. According to the official data of the firm, we have maximum speeds of up to 11 pages per minute in black and white and up to 8 pages per minute in color. It is clear that these are figures that we are rarely going to achieve (as is often the case with the speeds set by firms).

When printing photos, the speed is 37 seconds for a standard 10 x 15 photo . We also have the ability to work with other formats such as cards, although it is not a printer designed to withstand a lot of grammage. The input has a limit of 50 A4 sheets, while the output is made directly to the surface where we have the printer placed . Something that must be taken into account if we work at a desk with little depth, since the sheets can end up on the ground with ease.

HP-Tango-X outlet slot

In addition, another of the big buts that can be put to the HP Tango X is the absence of automatic two-sided printing . It is a very useful function to save paper and most of the models of home that we find today (even under 100 euros) include it.

It is a team designed for occasional printing, as evidenced by the fact that its maximum monthly print cycle is 500 sheets. Of course, the recommended monthly cycle is close to between 100 and 300 monthly impressions.

In terms of quality, my overall impression was good for both color and black-and-white documents. The maximum resolution is 4,800 x 1,200 dpi and it is a good machine for our photographic prints. Of course, if you want to use it for photos, I would recommend opting for the Instant Ink service, since the ink will run out quite quickly.

HP-Tango-X open

HP Instant Ink

It is inevitable to talk about HP Instant Ink when talking about this printer. An additional service from HP that can make a lot of sense if we don't want to be looking for cartridges every two by three. What this service offers is to control the status of the printer's ink through the app to send us new cartridges when ink is low. You do not pay per cartridge, but for the level of printing that we carry out on a monthly basis.

Thus, for example, the most basic plan is free if we are going to print fifteen or fewer sheets per month. Of course, keep in mind that if you exceed this amount, one euro will be charged for each pack of 10 additional sheets. For example, if you print 37 sheets a month you will have to pay 3 euros. Then there are other plans that include a higher number of monthly impressions and that can be seen on the HP website. In short, if you are going to use this equipment regularly, it is a more comfortable option than buying cartridges every so often, although it also means “tying yourself up” to an external service.

HP-Tango-X from above


In the field of connections, the HP Tango X printer connects via WiFi to print documents or photos from any device at home. In addition, it also has WiFi Direct , an option that allows us to send documents to print directly without having to go through WiFi. At this point we can also miss the presence of a USB slot to carry the pendrive and print the documents.

HP-Tango-X conclusions

Price and reviews

The HP Tango can now be found in stores. Its price depends on whether we buy the version with a cover or without it. The version with cover has a cost of 200 euros, and is what is called HP Tango X . In the case of not needing this addition, the HP Tango has a price of 150 euros.

Is this printer worth buying? The answer is not as simple as yes or no. If you don't mind sacrificing operations to have a really nice printer in your home, this is your model. The HP Tango X only prints and not double-sided , something that almost all home-oriented printers already include. It doesn't have copy and scan features either, but it does maintain good print quality and pretty decent speed.

Its design is the great workhorse, since it is one of the few printers that I have tried that when you see it you will want to have it well visible in your living room or office .