This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 in white

This is the Samsung Galaxy S8 in white

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has no secrets left. We are used to seeing every day some leak, of images or specifications, that detail the characteristics of the next flagship Samsung device . Less than a month after its presentation, it is normal for leaks and rumors to skyrocket. We recently saw the Galaxy S8 running on video. Today we see it again in images. This time, it looks like a new color.

Galaxy S8 White

The images come from different sources. The first two stand out, where it seems that we see a model of the Galaxy S8 in white . Although the images are not of great quality, the front is perfectly appreciated, being able to see the entire front of this color. Although it could be a screen protector, it is curious to see, or at least imagine, what this color would be like. On the other hand, we can appreciate the screen on, where we see once again the design of the navigation bar, with the buttons on the screen.

More images that confirm once again, what we already knew

Other images reveal the front again, this time in black. In it we can see what had already leaked so far. Front with curved screen, and Always On mode. The Home button at the bottom is striking, it seems that when we have the always-on screen mode activated, this button will also appear. On the other hand, you can see the different sensors and connections in the upper part , where it seems that the iris scanner is included.

Galaxy S8 Front

The rear is also revealed in the image below. You can see the camera, the band with the flash and sensors on the left, and the fingerprint reader on the right . The curved sides are also appreciated, and the different volume buttons, off, and what appears to be the new dedicated button for Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant.

Galaxy S8 - Back

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be presented on March 29 in New York. It is expected to go on sale during the next two months after its presentation. We will be attentive to the official confirmation from Samsung, to see if these characteristics and specifications are true.