8 ways to reduce the size of a PDF file

8 ways to reduce the size of a PDF file

The PDF format has become a standard when it comes to distributing documents and other types of digital content. A key aspect of the portability of a file is the weight or size it occupies. In this article we explain 8 ways to reduce the size of your PDF files to make them easier to send and take with you on a USB stick.

Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor

Free PDF Compressor is a small free tool for Windows, which will be very useful to optimize the weight of PDF files. The application offers us five levels of compression depending on the type of use that we are going to give the document. Its operation is as simple as choosing the source file, choosing the destination path of the compressed file, and finally setting the desired compression level.

Free PDF Compressor uses the GhostScript PDF / PS file interpreter for maximum compatibility . Being an installable tool, it will not depend on the Internet connection to function.

Compress PDF


Compress PDF is the alternative to Free PDF Compressor for users of the GNU / Linux operating system. It is a script for the Nautilus file explorer of the Gnome desktop environment, one of the most popular within the free operating system par excellence.

The Nautilus integration makes using it as easy as right- clicking the PDF file in question, and choosing the compress option. It has four levels of compression in order to optimize quality and size to the maximum.

To use it you must extract its files in the / local / share / nautilus / scripts folder. Also, you will need to install the zenity and ghostscript dependencies.



QPDF is an advanced open source tool, which is available for Windows and Linux operating systems . It is a tool aimed at creating previews for PDF documents on the internet, but it also has a function that can allow us to save a few KB in the size of a PDF file.

It is a tool based on the command line of operating systems, so its use requires much more advanced knowledge than other applications based on a graphical interface. You can find a fairly complete user manual on an official website of the tool.

LibreOffice or Microsoft Word

Optimize PDF Word

We continue with another very useful tool to reduce the weight of our PDF files. In this case, we are going to use our office suite and its integrated word processor. Both LibreOffice and Microsoft Word have advanced word processors that allow us to save documents as a PDF file .

When generating your pdf file, you can select various parameters. One of the most important is the file weight optimizer . If you check this option, the tool's advanced algorithms will do the best job of reducing its weight with little loss of quality.

PDFCreator virtual printer PDF Creator

The virtual printers are another widely used to generate and compress PDF files tool. PDF Creator is the most popular option among these types of applications. It is a small free tool that we can download from its official website. As soon as you download it, we just have to install it like any other type of application.

To use the virtual printer that we just installed, you just have to open your PDF file in a matter of going to the print menu as if you were printing it with a normal printer. as printer you must select PDF Creator. The tool shows you various parameters to adjust the quality level of the final PDF file. An excellent way to reduce the weight of your PDF files with little loss of quality.

Acrobat Reader Pro

Acrobat Reader Pro

Acrobat Reader Pro by Adobe is the best tool you can use to work with PDF files , although it has the great disadvantage that it is a paid program, and its price is quite high. If you are going to need to work with PDF professionally and frequently, it is an option that you should take into account.

Acrobat Reader Pro includes a dedicated function to optimize the size of PDFs . The advanced algorithms of this tool will allow you to greatly reduce the size of the file without losing any quality. Among the available options, you can choose between reducing the size of the images, eliminating embedded fonts, eliminating metadata, eliminating layers and masks and some more. Therefore, it is a very suitable tool for professional use.

Online PDF converters


The most comfortable option you need to optimize many PDF files, may be to use an online tool for this purpose. Some of the most popular options are SnallPDF and DocPub. When you have entered the tool, you will only have to drag your file to the indicated place and click on the Convert button to start the process.

These types of tools have two fundamental drawbacks. The first of them is that your PDF file is stored in the cloud , so that someone could access it without your permission. This is especially important in the professional sector.

The other drawback is that they totally depend on the Internet connection to work. This means that you will not be able to optimize your files if you lose access to the network for any reason.



We are done with PDFChain. It is a graphical interface for PDFToolKit, one of the most complete tools that you will find in the Linux operating system to work with all types of PDF files. This tool will allow you to optimize the size of your pdf files, in addition to many other tasks such as separating pages, combining files, adding watermarks, changing the orientation of certain pages and much more.

These are our 8 favorite ways to reduce the weight of PDF files, they are sure to be very useful for you.