How to free download GTA San Andreas and the Batman trilogy for PC

GTA San Andreas and Batman free

The video game industry continues to search for formulas to reach gamers and players and, above all, keep them playing. Something that fans of this type of entertainment are not going to complain about. Especially if those formulas involve playing for free. This is what happens these days with launchers and digital game stores, which have aggressive strategies such as giving good games to those who go through them. And this is how you can get hold of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and the Arkham Batman trilogy completely free for your computer .

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free for PC

This is a launch promotion from Rockstar , the creator of this franchise. And they have seen fit to create a small program that serves as a store for their virtual games for PC, but also to have all the icons, access to their social network and other tools in the same place. Instead of having content for every GTA or Red Dead Redemption game they release. The good? That they are giving away the GTA: San Andreas. A classic that helped boost sales of the PlayStation 2 like wildfire.

All you have to do is go to this link on the Rockstar website and download its launcher program. Install it on your computer and enter it. You will see that the only two games available at the moment are GTA 5, to buy, and GTA San Andreas, available to download for free . Click on it and accept the gift to add it to your library. And that's it, you can play it or not, but here you will have it ready and free to download.

Of course, this offer is for a limited time, or so they say from the launcher. Of course they do not specify how long we will have to get this title for free. So the best thing is that you spend now and get hold of it, even if you don't play it yet.

Batman Arkahm Trilogy free for PC

If you're more of a crime novel or detective superhero, you can also get hold of their glorious games without scratching your pocket. This time we have to thank Epic Games and their PC game store. Yes, that same launcher that you use to play Fortnite. Enter it and browse the Store or shop space to find this juicy offer.


Just click on it to find two completely free Batman trilogies. Yes, six games, no more, no less. The first three are those of Rocksteady , acclaimed by public and critics. Click on the Get button, next to the word Free, to get them. And the same happens with the second Batman trilogy, this time the Lego universe .

Once you have made the transaction on the Epic Games Store, your games will be added to your gallery. From here you can download and play them at any time . Or simply store them for when you have a hole in your busy gamer schedule.

Of course, you only have until next September 26 to make the virtual purchase. Then the offer will expire and you will have to pay for them. So get hold of them now and think about whether you want to play them later.