OT, the 10 best performance videos from Operación Triunfo 2018

OT, the 10 best performance videos from Operación Triunfo 2018

We have already had eight galas from Operación Triunfo 2018. Under the watchful eye of Manuel Martos, Ana Torroja and Joe Pérez-Orive, the contestants are improving in the interpretation of their songs. As even the members of the jury have commented, this year's level is very high . Although the time they have been in the academy has also led to quite strong reprimands from the director.

Still, we've already seen some standout performances at Operación Triunfo 2018. Contestants strive each week to continue on the show, causing some to border on each week's themes. That is why we have chosen 10 of the best performances that we have carried out so far in Operación Triunfo 2018 .

Julia -You're back

Gala 0 is not easy for the contestants. It supposes its premiere in the contest and they are played, in a minute and a half, to enter the academy or not. Still, some participants managed to dazzle the audience. This is the case of Julia, who interpreted the song Vuelves de Rozalén really well .

Alba Reche and Noelia - Respect

At gala 1 we could see a spectacular performance by Alba Reche and Noelia. The song performed was Respect , by Aretha Franklin. It was a performance that drove audiences crazy, both on set and on social media. So much so that Joe Pérez-Orive defined it as “the best of what we have in OT 2018” (in reality they only wore two finery).

Famous and Natalia - Feel it still

In that same gala we could see another of the moments that has given the most to talk about this year. It came when Famous and Natalia performed  Feel it still , a song from Portugal.

The jury was full of praise, especially directed at Natalia. Manuel Martos came to tell him "It's not that you have flow, it's that you could have invented it . "

Marta and Natalia - Tainted Love

Gala 2 of Operación Triunfo 2018 was a real disaster. From the first minute the program suffered technical sound failures, recognized by its director. Good old Roberto Leal had to deal with these failures and run the show as best he could.

From this gala we have recovered the performance of Marta and Natalia. They sang Tainted Love , a song originally written by Ed Cobb of The Four Preps, and recorded in 1964 by Gloria Jones. A song that almost all of us know very well, as it has been covered by multiple artists over the years.

Julia - Born this way

At Gala 3 of Operación Triunfo 2018, the contestants' performances were at a better level than those of Gala 2, which was not difficult. However, there was no duet that especially shone on stage.

That is why we have selected Julio's solo performance, who sang Born This Way by Lady Gaga. A performance that, far from being perfect, earned her to be the favorite of the public.

Alba Reche and Natalia - Toxic

It was one of the most anticipated performances of the gala 4 of Operación Triunfo 2018. Alba Reche and Natalia performed the song Toxic , by Britney Spears. The contestants drove the audience crazy with their performance and starred, according to Noemí Galera, "the best number so far . "

Alba Reche and Famous - Fast car

From gala 5 we are left with the performance of Alba Reche and Famous. They sang the song Fast Car , by Jonas Blue and Dakota. Both Alba and Famous showed off their voices in a complicated song.

According to Manual Martos, the contestants embroidered the song thanks to Alba's “magnetism on stage” and the timbre of voice and the facility for Famous falsettos.

Alba Reche - La llorona

Alba Reche has become on her own merits one of the public's favorites. At gala 6 she performed the song La Llorona , by Chabela Vargas. Her performance earned her the praise of all the academy teachers during the week.

And the same thing happened on the day of the performance. Alba embroidered topic, something that became clear with the words that Joe Perez-Orive said: "Why should I hide that I love" .

Julia - 90 minutes

And we end our selection with one of the best performances of the gala 8. Julia performed the song 90 minutes by India Martinez with Manu Guix on piano. The contestant created a magical moment on set by putting a lot of feeling into it.

So much so that Ana Torroja told him “What magnetism. It is impossible not to say that you have been brilliant ” . And to you, what performance of Operación Triunfo 2018 did you like the most?