These are the most watched movies and series on Netflix

These are the most watched movies and series on Netflix 1

Netflix has become the most used streaming platform in the last year. Despite the fact that HBO -which will be released in Spain soon- follows very closely, without a doubt the American commercial has won the public. A new report from the consulting firm specialized in data crossing, 7Park Data , has given the estimated results of the most viewed programs on the platform in the first months of this year 2016.

The data belongs to last June and in the category of television series we can see that one of Netflix's original productions, “Orange is the new black” , topped the list coinciding precisely with the premiere of its last season . More than nine million different accounts connected to stream the series this past June. We remember that these metrics correspond only to the United States. Among other series that are on the list we have the acclaimed "How I Met Your Mother" , "Supernatural" , "Family Guy" and the winner of ten Emmy Awards,"Breaking Bad . "

These are the most watched movies and series on Netflix 2

This data also shows other Netflix original series in the top twenty most viewed. Some of them also coincide with the season premiere, specifically the first, such as "Daredevil" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".

From 7Park they used a sampling of up to one billion viewers around the world, being able to also conclude that the  screen share for Netflix is ​​9% to 24% in recent months, a fairly important data, which may be due to the great quantity of its own content that the service offers or the quality and variety of titles offered with which Netflix seeks to differentiate itself from the competition in the streaming sector.

But going back to the data reported by 7Park, we also have a category of films that, curiously, also heads an original production of the service. It is specifically  "The Do-Over" , a comedy starring Adam Sandler, in the purest "Jack and his twin" style . More than two million different accounts connected to watch "The Do-Over" in the United States according to the study's estimates.

These are the most watched movies and series on Netflix 3

Within the list of films we find titles of all genres and for all audiences. For example, in third and seventh place are the “intense” -and not suitable for minors- films by Lars Von Trier,  Nymphomaniac: Vol I and Nymphomaniac: Vol II respectively, while a few places below are films suitable for all audiences like " Lilo & Stitch" or two of the members of the "Jurassic Park" saga .

At the moment these are the data obtained until June, but it is very likely that in the next installments we will find, among these lists, two of the star series of this summer 2016: the eighties "Stranger Things" and the controversial "Narcos".