Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B, we have tested it

Sony KDL-40W605B

The Sony KDL-40W605B television is a proposal from the Japanese company that mixes good image quality on its 40-inch Full HD panel with advanced Smart TV functionalities . This model incorporates the X-Reality Pro image processor to achieve sharp and very fluid images. In addition, it reduces the noise of the images so that we can enjoy an advanced viewing experience even when we are watching content in low quality. All this with a dedicated football mode that imitates the audio experience of a football stadium, taking advantage of this year's World Cup in Brazil. This TV can be found on the market for a price of 650 euros. We have had the opportunity to test the Sony KDL-40W605B television in depth , these are our conclusions.

Sony KDL-40W605B

Great image quality

Probably one of the most surprising aspects of this television is its image quality, which reaches a very remarkable level if we consider that we are looking at a 650 euro television . This model bets on a size of 40 inches and a Full HD resolution . But above all, the Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B stands out for its X-Reality Pro image processor with which images are achieved with remarkable fluidity and definition. From this point, we really liked the team's performance by displaying deeper blacks (which allows for sharper and more defined dark scenes) thanks to excellent contrast management and its 200 Hz refresh rate.with which fluid scenes are achieved in movies and action series. Without a doubt, it is one of the great purchase arguments of this mid-range model.

Sony KDL-40W605B

Lightweight and slim design

Another point on which Sony has worked a lot is in the design of this television. It is a very thin team to have a 40-inch panel , since its barely 8 kilos of weight make it much easier to transport the model. In addition, the frame that surrounds the screen is very thin to provide a greater sense of modernity and creates the feeling that we are looking at an even larger television. We also liked the lower metal base in silver, a support that creates the feeling of being in front of a premium TV. Of course, far from the glamor that we find in the most powerful equipment of the Japanese brand. The full dimensions of the Sony KDL-40W605B are  92.6 x 58.4 x 16.2 centimeters.

Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B

Smart features and interface

The Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B TV incorporates a rich set of smart features. On the one hand, we have access to a fairly consistent catalog of apps. Today, the undoubted queen of the world of smart equipment is YouTube . The online video platform has become a tool without which the universe of Smart TVs cannot be understood . The possibility of viewing the contents of this social network from the sofa is very interesting, especially if we take into account the quality of this app. In addition, Google has prepared this platform so that we can send the videos that we are watching on a smartphone or tablet connected to the same network with a simple gesture of the handWiFi directly to the TV.

In addition, we also have other interesting applications such as on-demand television channels from Antena 3 or La Primera . We also liked the access to the 500px social network . This app allows us to access a very large number of photographs and landscapes with a very careful aesthetic. One of the interesting options is to start a presentation with the most spectacular snapshots that can be found on this platform, and that we can leave on the television when we are not watching a channel. The interface with which the Sony television moves follows the line of the products of the Japanese company. Users who are used to using other equipment such as the PlayStation 4You will find many similarities in the use of the letter of the menus and the handling of the menus. The main screen of the applications shows us a recommendation of the most popular apps and the possibility of entering several preferred applications. But what we have not liked so much is the platform to access all the applications. And it is that these are shown in icons through several screens in a display that is quite confusing and unattractive, since the number of icons in the apps can overwhelm the user. This interface can become more attractive if we do a preliminary work by choosing our favorite applications and placing them in the initial apps panel.

The Sony television also offers us a multimedia player to be able to reproduce the contents that we have stored in a USB memory or a portable hard disk , such as photos, music and movies. The operation of this player is quite good and complete. On the other hand, the Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B television offers the option of recording television content. Of course, we have to note here that we need to use a USB memory of at least 32 GB or a portable hard disk (smaller devices do not allow this option to be used).

Sony KDL-40W605B

Soccer mode and sound

One of the claims of this television is this year's World Cup that will take place in just a few months. On the occasion of this event, a dedicated football mode has been introduced within the team that can be accessed with a single button on the remote. This mode generates a richer picture experience for the contents of this sport, but above all it will be noticed in the field of sound, since it creates the feeling that we are inside a stadium and the ambient sound of the fans is highlighted.

In addition, through this mode we can also access a selection of YouTube football videos , a historical archive of Fifa and a dedicated Sony portal . Without a doubt, it is a curious characteristic, and the functions dedicated to football are probably one of the arguments most used by television manufacturers this year. In terms of sound quality, it reaches a good level thanks to two 8-watt speakers that generate a total power of 16 watts . In general, we have found that this specification does not detract from the rest of the characteristics, and the experience of the Japanese company in the treatment of sound throughout the years is noticeable.

Connections and control from mobile

In the field of connections, we have a very complete set of options. To connect to the network, the Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B TV can use a WiFi connection or an Ethernet port . It also incorporates four different HDMI ports to connect various devices, two USB 2.0 ports to insert a USB memory or a portable hard disk, a VGA port or a SCART input. We would also like to highlight the options for controlling and playing content from the mobile. Above all, we liked the function of turning our tablet or smartphone into a remote control for the television. Through the dedicated app, the TV is automatically recognized and the equipment is registered in just a couple of steps. The control is intuitive and complete, and we can also enjoy an attractive guide with the most relevant content that is being played on TV. All this with the ease of the smartphone to type search terms or web pages that we are going to visit in the browser.

Sony KDL-40W605B

Price and reviews

The price of the Sony Bravia KDL-40W605B reaches 650 euros. This model stands out above all for a good image quality thanks to the X-Reality Pro processor , which does not leave us the impression of being in front of a mid-range model and for its advanced connectivity functions. The Sony team allows us to access numerous applications such as YouTube or the on-demand content of various television channels. Finally, we want to highlight the control of this device through the smartphone or tablet thanks to a dedicated app for mobile devices, which has an attractive and complete interface.

Data sheet

ModelSony Bravia KDL-40W605B
Screen Diagonal40 inch
ResolutionFull HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Smart tvYouTube, Antena 3 a la carte, La Sexta a la carte, 500px, Video unlimited, Music Unlimited, Picasa, Wuaki.

Video recording via portable hard disk

Video, music and photo playback via removable drive

ImageX-Reality Pro Picture Engine

200 Hz Motionflow refresh rate

SoundTwo speakers

Output power: 16W (8 + 8)

Connectivity4 x HDMI

2 x USB 2.0



1 x VGA


Digital audio output

Component video input

Headphone out

Price650 euros
+ infoSony