Spotify can cancel your family plan if you don't indicate where you live

Spotify can cancel your family plan if you don't indicate where you live

If you are one of those who to pay less on Spotify share a family account with friends, even if they do not live under the same address, be careful with this. It may be that the great offer, for you, has the days numbered. According to the technology medium The Verge, the music streaming platform is sending users who enjoy a family plan an email in which they are asked for their GPS locations in order to confirm that all users of the same family account live in the same address.

Goodbye to your family Spotify account?

If you do not agree to confirm your location using GPS, according to the email received, the Spotify accounts could be deleted. It is clear that this movement of the firm is indicated, precisely, for those groups of friends who want to save a good pinch on their account, taking advantage of the benefits of the family plan and cheating on the subscription form. At first, it was enough for users to enter the same address and postal code to be able to benefit from the family plan. This could have the days numbered.

@Spotify Why do you need my GPS location to continue offering me a "Premium discount"? I pay for the family plan and it should not matter where my family lives. Will you cancel my account if my family gets too far from each other? #wtf #fail

- suck (@unaligned) September 18, 2018

According to Billboard, a medium specialized in the music industry, almost half of the total worldwide subscribers of some music streaming platform benefit from a family plan. With a family subscription on Spotify, the user is saving 75% of the total quota, something too tempting to miss. The family plan, for 6 people, has a cost of 15 euros per month. An individual fee? 10 euros per month.

This strategy. How could it be otherwise, it is negatively influencing the income of the music streaming platform. Its median revenue per user fell 12 percent in the second quarter of this year. There is no news about whether this movement of Spotify will continue, if it will be more aggressive and users with a family account will receive an email with the new conditions. The aforementioned outlet contacted Spotify, and a representative of the outlet simply stated that improvements were being implemented for its users. On this matter, they did not speak.

And you, have you received the email from Spotify?