How to cancel my Amazon Prime subscription before I am charged

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Since the departure of Amazon Prime in Spain and the rest of the countries, Amazon offers a free trial month to all new customers. Once the trial month has elapsed, the company will charge our bank account or credit or debit card an amount of 36 euros after the last upload of the service . In the event that we have contracted the subscription in advance, this charge will not occur again until one year after the first collection of the fee. Fortunately, we can cancel the Amazon Prime subscription before the end of this period , we have contracted the free trial month or the standard subscription.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime during the free trial month

If we are new customers and we have hired Amazon Prime through a free subscription for a month, the unsubscribe process is really simple.

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The process is as simple as accessing the Amazon page through our username and clicking on "Hello * name * Accounts and lists" . We can also access directly from this link as long as we have entered our access data to Amazon.

How to cancel my Amazon Prime subscription before they charge me 2

Then we will click on My Amazon Prime subscription and finally on the option I do not want to continue with my trial period . Finally we will accept the terms and the trial period will end without any additional charge to our bank account. In case of rehiring Amazon Prime, we will not be able to enjoy another month of trial, as it is a promotion intended only for new users.

How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime before I am charged for my annual subscription

One of the main complaints from Amazon Prime users has to do with the automatic renewal of the service in the annual subscription. By default, the subscription in question is renewed automatically, and the charge of 36 euros is taken from our bank account .

To cancel a subscription of this type we will have to access Amazon through this other link. If we want to take advantage of the remaining time of the subscription until the day of payment, we can click on Remember later so that Amazon will notify us three days in advance . If what we want is to cancel the permanent subscription, then we will click on End my benefits  to permanently unsubscribe from Prime.

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Now yes, the subscription will be canceled without charging any amount to our account.

I have been charged by Amazon Prime, what do I do now?

It may be the case that Amazon has charged us the annual fee (or monthly, in case of hiring Prime in its monthly mode) and we want to cancel the charge and later unsubscribe from the service. For these cases, Amazon stipulates the following:

“You can cancel your subscription at any time and discontinue Prime benefits immediately. You will receive a full refund of your subscription fee if you have not used Prime benefits since we charged you for your current subscription period. If you select “Unsubscribe”, we will tell you whether or not you can receive a refund before asking you to confirm the cancellation. "

The process to receive a refund of the monthly or annual fee is, therefore, the same as the previous one. To do this, we will access Amazon through this link and click on Finish my benefits. If we have not used the service since the collection until then and a considerable time has not elapsed, Amazon will refund the respective fee in our bank account automatically .