Create male sex robots

Sex robots weren't new.  What is new is the creation of male sex robots.

The pornography industry along with the adult toy industry is a market that has been growing over the years. Specifically, the sex or adult toy industry has been modernized to such an extent that they go hand in hand with technological advances in robotics. The result of this advance is the creation of male sex robots.

Male sex robots

Until now, the biggest advances in sex robots were aimed at heterosexual men. From rudimentary inflatable dolls to highly advanced robots capable of simulating human interactions. The turn has come for the rest of the public. The creation of male sex robots marks a turning point in the diversity of adult sex toy development.

Realbotix company famous in the development of sex robots has developed a line of male robots. This new line of sex robots is technologically very advanced, both outside and inside. In particular it has made an appearance millimeter which endows them with an almost human realism. This is thanks to the fact that the company is not new to creating robots.

The new male robots feature the brand's proprietary software. This software allows you to provide them with a voice and gestures that denote naturalness to create a comfortable interaction with users. In addition, they include an application for mobile phones from which we can configure their personality. We will be able to adjust the different values ​​to make them more "attractive" and realistic. This gives them a certain autonomy as stated by the company and they are capable of learning behaviors according to the tastes of their owners.

The company has spared no resources for these robots. He has endowed them with both custom-made software and realistic materials and construction. But what we wonder is what will be under the pants. These robots will have a bionic penis . At the moment they have not given many characteristics about this part of the body, but they assure that it will surprise you.

These male sex robots are fully configurable, we can choose their skin color, eyes, facial features and even the length and thickness of the bionic member. Its starting price would be between $ 11,000 and $ 15,000 plus a subscription of $ 20 a year for the phone application. At the moment they are in presale and according to the company they already have many reservations.

The price is high, but taking into account the development that they have had to go through to create a realistic robot and with all these functionalities it may even be justified. Is this the future of human relationships?