Lenovo Mirage, Lenovo augmented reality glasses with Star Wars lightsaber

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Your Expert RecommendedBring the Star Wars universe to life in your living room. That is what Lenovo is looking for with its Lenovo Mirage, augmented reality glasses that  are born from the collaboration between Lenovo and Disney . Thanks to this invention and a few applications, we will have no excuses to become true Jedi masters.

The Lenovo Mirage does not come alone, the set has a replica of a lightsaber and a tracking beacon to control the movements of the user. Unlike its sister the Lenovo Explorer, these augmented reality glasses  do not need a connection to a computer . All we have to do is place our smartphone inside the glasses and download the game. Everything, to fully enjoy an immersive experience in which we have to fight with the super bad guys from Star Wars in an environment known as our own room at home.

Lenovo Mirage, Lenovo augmented reality glasses

A pair of augmented reality glasses with a lightsaber

Unlike the rest of augmented reality glasses, the Lenovo Mirage are more similar in design to virtual reality glasses. They have a neat design in gray plastic with black touches. The front is transparent so that we can see our surroundings . As a form of fastening we have a band that has three anchors so it will allow us to move without worries.

The lightsaber is a highly detailed replica . It is built in plastic, but with a metal appearance, the grip is very good and that is something to keep in mind since we will have to carry out attacks with it. As for the tracking beacon, we find a resemblance to the PlayStation VR controllers. It is made of plastic, is small in size and has small legs to prevent it from slipping.

Lenovo Mirage, Lenovo augmented reality glasses

These goggles have two cameras, one on each side, that track the tracking beacon and lightsaber . This allows them to achieve much more precise movement recognition and a room scan to better match the game.

Lenovo Mirage does not have a screen as such, the one of our smartphone is used that is reflected through glass. With this we can see the room we are in and above it what the game shows us . It is a plus since we do not need anything more than a mobile phone, we do not need it to have a specific resolution or to be certified by Google's Daydream.

Lenovo Mirage Datasheet

screenSurface that reflects the content of the smartphone
CameraTwo dual motion tracking cameras
SensorsProximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer.
Operating systemAndroid, iOS
Connectionslightning to micro-USB cable, USB-C to micro-USB cable, micro-USB cable. Bluetooth
Featured FeaturesLightsaber compatibility
DesignGray plastic with black accents
Dimensions209.2 x 83.4 x 154.8 mm. 470 grams
accessoriesTracking beacon, lightsaber
Release dateEarly 2018
Price299 euros the complete set

Games for Lenovo Mirage

Lenovo Mirage, Lenovo augmented reality glasses

These glasses are compatible with the dominant operating systems in mobile telephony, we are talking about Android and iOS. The only thing we will need is to have the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges game installed . At the moment what the Lenovo Mirage offers us are three different games:

Battles with lightsaber , it can be the most interesting and awaited game by the fans. In it we will keep fighting with the different villains of the saga. We can unload all our hatred and frustration against Kylo Ren or Darth Vader among others.

Holochess is the reinvention of the classic game, but set in the Star Wars universe. In it we will have holographic pieces that we can direct with our lightsaber. It should be noted that these pieces are from the different alien races, so do not expect to find a bishop as such.

Strategic combat , we will control the rebel forces in the great battles of the saga. We will lead an army in hopes of defeating the forces of the Empire.

Throughout the game we will have a guide who will be in charge of instructing us in the different mechanics. This character is the Archivist, he will explain the different games and how to face them. That is, we will  not need a prior instruction. Everything will be done as you progress through the game .

We have already said that the Lenovo Mirage are compatible with two operating systems, but we have not said with which terminals. For now the list is somewhat short, but Lenovo has stated that they are working on adding more smartphones . Among those supported are: Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and Moto Z.

Availability and prices

Lenovo Mirage glasses do not have a fixed release date, for now we will only know that they will be released in early 2018 . Which will coincide with the Christmas campaign, so we suppose that you will be well received by the little ones and the older ones who always dreamed of mastering strength and beating a lightsaber.

As for the price, Lenovo has commented that its starting price will be 300 euros . For this price we will have the entire set, both the augmented reality glasses and the laser sword and the positioning beacon. A more than reasonable price considering that the competition does not have accessories like these. Its main disadvantage is going to be the content that we have available. Because despite being priced appropriately compared to its rivals, we only have three games at the moment.

It is clear that the alliance between Lenovo and Disney has been a success. We are facing a versatile device, well built, compatible with different smartphones. But, above all, with a set that will make fans of the saga feel like true Jedi masters. Something that many have been waiting for since the first films were released.