Teac AD-850, the reader-writer for lovers of past technologies

Teac AD-850, the reader-writer for lovers of past technologies

Teac has launched a new equipment that allows you to enjoy “before” media such as cassettes and CDs, but also current media such as USB flash drives. It's called Teac AD-850 and it is a player and recorder with which we can dust off our old cassette tapes and CDs . In addition, it offers the possibility of using it as karaoke thanks to the integrated microphone socket. The Teac AD-850 is already on sale in specialized stores with an official price of 450 euros.

It seems that "retro" is in fashion. For example, there are several manufacturers that have launched turntables. And, according to the most purist audiophiles, nothing sounds like vinyl. We have also seen the odd CD player, since there are many users with large collections. However, there are not many cassette players and recorders that we can find on the market . The Teac AD-850 offers us a new proposal that mixes the most “old” media with the most modern.

Datasheet Teac AD-850

TypeCD and Cassette Player and Recorder
TicketsUSB, microphone, RCA
Supported formatsCD-R / RW, MP3
Consumption14 W
Additional featuresKaraoke

Recording to CD, Cassette and USB

Microphone input with Eco function

Dimensions435 í— 145 í— 288 mm
Weight5 kg
Release dateAvailable
Price 450 euros

Record on CD or Cassette and with karaoke function

The Teac AD-850 is a device that is capable of reading and recording on media from other times such as cassettes or CDs, but also on current USB flash memory drives . Added to this is a microphone jack with “echo function” that makes it suitable for karaoke, using backing music from a CD, cassette or USB flash memory.

Teac AD-850 rear launch

Another option offered by the Teac AD-850 is to  mix the input sound collected by the microphone and record it on a cassette tape or a USB flash drive . It supports a variety of recording combinations, including what can be done to a cassette tape, a CD, external input, or microphone input to a USB flash drive (such as an MP3 file).

That is, with the Teac AD-850 we will have the ability to record from cassette tapes to a USB drive . The recorded files will be saved in folders automatically generated according to the source (CD, LINE or TAPE) on the USB flash drives. This function will allow us to convert our cassette tapes into digital files without using a computer.

Furthermore, the Teac AD-850 offers various playback modes, including program, repeat and random playback of CDs and flash memories . As for its tape reader, this is one-way with respect to the two heads of the support, being compatible, in addition, with normal, chrome and metallic cassette tapes (only in reproduction format, not in recording). It also offers key functions such as control playback with an adjustment range of plus minus 10%.

Price and availability

launch Teac AD-850 record

In short, a team that will allow us to "go back in time" and use some formats that seemed extinct. We can even mix the signal from the connected microphone with the playback of CDs, cassettes or files from the USB, being able to even record the result. As far as CD media is concerned, it is compatible with CD-R and RW discs and plays MP3 files .

The Teac AD-850 is now available in specialized stores with an official price of 450 euros .