What is IPTV and why are you interested if you have a TV Box

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Xiaomi Mi Box.

Since TV Boxes have become popular with the arrival of Android to televisions, terms such as IPTV, Kodi or Plex are the order of the day. Most of these terms refer to a type of application with which we can expand the possibilities that devices such as the Xiaomi Mi Box currently offer. But what is IPTV and how can it be integrated into a TV Box? What is Kodi for? And Plex? Let's see what all these terms imply.

IPTV: what is it and what are its advantages (and disadvantages)

The acronym IPTV refers to the term Internet Protocol TV, or what is the same, Internet Protocol TV. If the broadcast of traditional television is carried out by satellite or antenna, the broadcast of IPTV channels is done through the network , and more specifically through an IP address (hence its name).

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Currently companies like Movistar offer this type of service through platforms like Movistar Plus . Others like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime opt for a cloud hosting service that has nothing to do with the term IPTV. The difference with respect to these is that the broadcast is usually carried out live, as a general rule. In purely technical terms, the technology implemented by this type of platform is based on the OTT (Over The Top in English) protocol.

What are the advantages of these broadcasts being made through an IP address? Precisely the freedom when connecting to an IP address. Being private networks, IPTV technology allows us to connect to any channel without the need for a dedicated antenna or subscription . What we will need is a decoder that transforms those IP addresses into channels through a TV Box. It is precisely here where programs such as Kodi, VLC or Plex come in, which we will talk about below.


But not all that glitters is gold. Due to the nature of IPTV technology, current networks allocate a significant part of the bandwidth to preserve the original quality of the broadcast, something that in limited connections can negatively influence other devices. Another disadvantage of using these services arises precisely from their dependence on networks.

By connecting to a private IPTV channel, the lists may contain malware that can easily be transmitted to our devices by using an IP address. This is especially pronounced in pirated IPTV channels that replicate the broadcast of pay channels. For this reason we strongly discourage its use.

Kodi, VLC, Plex ... This is why you want a TV Box

We have previously discussed the need for a decoder to translate broadcasts made through IPTV channels. Most of these decoders can be implemented through software, such as Kodi, VLC or Plex.

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The way to install channels in the applications just mentioned is generally simple. Simply search for IPTV channels on the Internet in M3U, W3U or M3U8 format and proceed with their installation through the application options. In this other article that we just linked, we show how to proceed on Kodi.

Precisely the greatest advantage of this type of format is the volume of channels (private and public) on the Internet. It is true that some replicate payment channels , such as Movistar Plus and other platforms present in other countries. From tuexperto.com we completely discourage making use of these.

As for public channels, there is currently a whole string of broadcasts, both from Spain and from other countries, that we can install on our TV Box without having to subscribe to paid services. Channels of sports, entertainment, leisure, music, nature ... The possibilities are practically endless.