Timer to light, a bedside table lamp with a timer


We like summer because it is the oasis in the middle of the desert where we have time to do things that during the rest of the year we are too busy to do. Read , for example. We have all the time in the world to read in the summer , although sometimes we spend it, especially in those night hours, eternal and hot. So that we do not get out of hand with the best-seller of the season, Yanko Design has shown on its website a design by Jasper Hou: the Timer to Light , the night lamp with a timer.


The concept of the Timer to Light is simple and ingenious . It is an LED light source that emanates from a pleasant and colorful conical shape , emulating in a very free way the lines of a candle . The lamp is embedded in a timer that we have always seen in grandma's kitchen to control cooking times. The invention, then, works once we turn the lamp on the axis of the stopwatch, starting a countdown . The moment it reaches zero, the light goes out . As if that were not enough, it is precisely the dynamo of the stopwatch that is the energy source used by the lamp's LED., with which we can forget about electricity consumption.

This option is very interesting for those who fall asleep with the book on their chest , for those who hold on with the PSP under the covers until the batteries run out or, why not, for those adults who silently endure their fear of darkness . The Timer to Light is available in five versions ( blue, pink, white, yellow and green ). At the moment, unfortunately, we have no record of how much this nice invention can cost us .

Via: Gizmodo