The most fake viral photomontages of 2016

The fake images of 2016

With 2016 coming to an end, these days it is common to see the lists of the most viewed of the year. We find news that compiles the videos with the most YouTube views, the funniest , the viral ones that have had the most diffusion on Facebook ... but there is one thing that has also gained a lot of popularity, viral photomontages.

What is a viral photo montage? This is a modified image that is not real. In fact, we have seen how when the Super Moon was announced , some false images came to sneak onto the covers of the international media, when it was really a montage thanks to an editing program. We review the most fake viral photomontages of 2016.

The false Supermoon


What we said before. This Supermoon is assembled by computer and the truth is that it draws a lot of attention since it is a simple cut and paste with little desire to try to make it more realistic. Still, it has been quite successful.

A spider web that is really a sculpture


It might be a wonder of nature, but it really is an ice sculpture from the exhibit at the Helsinki Zoo. The image circulated this year on social networks posing as an icy spider web. And not.

Obama laughing at Donald Trump


Neither. Obama was actually pointing to an image of Beavis and Butthead, but someone took the opportunity to mount an image of Donald Trump over it. In fact, it is a montage of a montage, even more convoluted.

This image of kangaroos is not cute, not cute at all


As we tend to humanize animals, what we will see at first is a kangaroo grabbing the neck of another that appears to be sick or dying so that it can see its young for the last time. But nothing is further from the truth, it is really a male kangaroo trying to mate with a female that is sick or dying and does not respond to courtship. In fact, there are more photos of the moment that reveal it.

The perfect moment


It seems that the photographer thoroughly prepared to take one of the photos of his life . Well no, the plane is edited with Photoshop, so another fake photo.

The lion of the Metro


Another of the most false images of the year. Carrie Fisher shared a photo in which she seemed to show how they made the famous lion roar image for Metro Goldwyn Mayer. What is shown in the image is actually a lion having a CT scan. The poor animal was being treated for health problems, although he finally managed to recover.

Again with the Moon as the protagonist

God's eyes

This image would be of the Moon in a cave in Bulgaria, called "The Eyes of God" . While the cave is real, the Moon has been added by Photoshop. A shame

Not the best selfie of all time


It was aimed to be the best selfie of all time , but it's a mere fake. In the original image, everyone comes out except the one who supposedly comes out taking the selfie. In fact, there is an image on Reddit that shows us what the editing of this image was like.

The Simpsons and Pokémon GO


This year many images of The Simpsons and its ability to predict things in the future have circulated. But specifically this one from Pokémon GO is false. In the image you can only see a hand pointing to an empty corner, without a mobile phone with a kind of Pikachu on it.

No, the Yeti does not exist


Another of the false images of the year. All part of Forocoches, where a user says that he has seen a kind of Yeti in Formigal. Two photos and a video, the problem is that there are footprints in the snow that make it clear that the photographer was next to the one who was disguised as a snowman. A viral campaign by two brands that teamed up with the most popular forum in Spain.

… And the shark has arrived…


The image corresponds to the floods by Hurricane Sandy, and someone decided to put a shark . There is no more story.

It wasn't National Geographic's photograph of the year


Although if true, it really would deserve that accolade. It is a work by the Russian artist Alexyz3D, a CGI creation of a white shark that has made us fall in love with this spectacular jump.

The height of an architect


A fake like a house (get it?). Well, that is simply an edit with Photoshop in which the letters have been moved to make it appear that the C is out. But no, the building really has the letters well placed.

Obama the terrifying


This photo is an edit of one taken in 2012, when Barack Obama and his wife read the book Where the Monsters Live to a group of children. Of course, the gesture is real but he did not hide his head in his shirt.