Samsung F8000 LED Smart TV, in-depth analysis

samsung f8000

Your Expert-RecommendThe F8000 is Samsung's “flagship” TV range for 2013 . A worthy successor to the successful ES8000 family of TVs , the Samsung F8000 LED Smart TVs are smart connected TVs with the latest in the latest. Wi-Fi , smart functions, upgradeable modules, video on demand, series and movies, command control, voice control and even gestures… Furthermore, these screens take maximum care of the image. They incorporate a Full HD (true high definition) panel  and can display 3D images with the system active. But the most novel of the invention is apersonalized program recommender . An invention capable of recognizing our tastes and recommending to us, just when we turn on the TV, the programs that best suit our preferences.

They are available in various screen diagonals , so they can be adapted to any size of the room. The models Samsung UE40F8000 ( 40 ”, 1,500 euros ), Samsung UE46F8000 ( 46”, 2,000 euros ) and  Samsung UE55F8000 ( 55 ”, 2,700 euros ) have already gone on sale . Later, the 65 ” ( Samsung UE65F8000 ) and 75” ( Samsung UE75F8000 ) screens could be ready . But they are not confirmed for our country.

samsung f8000

[In-depth analysis updated April 4, 2013]


You have to go around one of these Samsung F8000 series TVs all the way around to appreciate the beauty of its design, especially the arched metal bracket. The rest is finished in a sober black color, which gives all the prominence to the images when they are turned on. In-house engineers continue to make nearly the impossible possible when it comes to thinning these displays. On this occasion, they have achieved that they only measure 3.49 centimeters deep. A very narrow bezel borders the ultrathin screen. It is a little thicker at the bottom rear, to accommodate the control electronics and connection panel. Supports wall mounting on various kinds of supports, to hang it like a painting, once the base is removed.

At the top is the HD webcam. It is a retractable camera that can be left hidden when not in use, so that nothing will disturb the straight lines of the design. Just apply light pressure for the chamber to emerge. In this way, the inhabitants of the home can quickly find out if the camera is active.

samsung f8000


Samsung F8000 TVs  have LED- backlit LCD screens located around the edges. The local lighting control is quite precise (micro dimming), because it works with very small areas, so the edges are well defined, without the annoying halos that usually appear in very bright areas. The panel offers a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels ( Full HD ) and operates at a refresh rate of 240 Hz. Engineers have also included various technologies to keep images sharp and smooth even during very fast moving scenes.

These televisions can also display three-dimensional stereoscopic images ( 3D TV ). They come equipped with two active 3D glasses , specifically the Samsung SSG-5100 model . They have the mandatory 2D to 3D video converter . For these new models, the manufacturer has improved the algorithm that minimizes the effects of crosstalk, based on increasing the brightness of 3D films. On the other hand, the imaging engine is a 3D HyperReal Engine combined with a powerful quad-core processor .

By having a double tuner, they allow you to enjoy functions such as a picture within another (PIP) or record a television program while another is being watched. In the latter case, whenever a memory key or a portable hard disk is connected via USB. You can tune in to television broadcasts in DTT, HD DTT , analog and via satellite (DVB-S2). They are also compatible with HbbTV hybrid television .

samsung f8000

Sound and Smart TV

The Samsung F8000s feature downward-facing full-range speakers with a total power output of 40 watts . The user can customize the sound of the TV. Regardless, they offer various surround audio formats, such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, DTS Studio Sound, and DTS Premium Audio 5.1. The automatic leveler ensures that the volume is always homogeneous, even when the user changes channels.

They are smart connected TVs with the Smart Hub 2013 interface , the most recent of the brand. The power of the quad-core processor is noticeable when browsing the web and when dealing with applications. It allows access to the services and content available over the Internet on the Samsung Smart TV platform , which includes the ability to play music and movies in streaming. A special algorithm is responsible for improving the quality of videos and texts on the Internet.


The rear connection panel is covered by a cover. These television series F8000 from Samsung have a fairly complete connectivity, as befits the high - end models. This includes four HDMI inputs , a scart , a combo input for component video or A / V, an optical digital audio output, and a headphone output. Of course the USB ports of version 2.0 are not lacking; each has three USBs capable of playing movies. They can access the Internet and other home networks both wirelessly ( Wi-Fi ) and over Ethernet, and are prepared for pay DTT, thanks to a common interface (CI) slot .

remote control samsung

The remote control comes in two formats, so that each one chooses the one that suits him best. There is the elongated remote with a classic button layout. But it is accompanied by one of the most advanced controls of today. Another smaller model in size with a metallic finish and a touch pad (touch panel) in the center. He also carries a small microphone to be able to dictate the orders to the command and to obey us. Those who wish can add to the set a wireless keyboard that is sold separately, a useful accessory especially for those who are going to surf the web a lot with the television and are going to frequently publish content on social networks.

The possibilities of interacting with these televisions are many. The user can operate various functions with the voice and movements, thanks to the integrated webcam and microphones, both on the camera and on the remote control. The South Korean manufacturer's Smart Interaction interface completes voice and movement control with face recognition. Thus, the TV can know which inhabitant of the house is sitting in front of the screen to offer them their favorite content, for example. Finally, they are compatible with Smart Evolution , that is, they are upgradeable. When next year Samsungintroduces new features and enhancements to their televisions, the current buyer will only have to connect one module to the rear of the television. And ready. Your device will be updated to the latest. Without changing the model.

samsung f8000

A world of applications

The days of "dumb TV" are over since manufacturers like Samsung invented the concept of Smart TV . In this case, the concept of smart TV goes further. Not only because it can be controlled with the voice ("turn up the volume" or even "I want to see a scary movie" or "which channel is broadcasting a football game"). Gesture handling has also been improved compared to last year. But if something stands out in the models of this 2013 it is the recommender of movies, series and TV shows.

The main novelty that the user will detect when turning on the TV is that the last channel he was watching before turning it off no longer appears. Now a recommendation screen appears . A service called S Recommendation that shows in large the last channel that was being watched. And next to it 6 channels that may interest us depending on our tastes. Below it shows another strip with programs, series or movies that will be broadcast in the next two hours and that are also adapted to the preferences of each user. This S Recommendation service is the great novelty of Samsung for this 2013. An intelligent tool that learns from everyone's television taste based on what they are watching. Right out of the box, the recommendation will be standard. But as the days and hours of television go by, the service takes note of the programs that are seen based on the day of the week and the schedule. And so it allows you to improve over time.

This is complemented by another exclusive movie and series recommendation screen that can be downloaded and watched through Internet services such as Wuaki or Filmin , among others. Here it offers a wide billboard with recent and classic films. When selecting a sample, all the services that have that title, as well as the different prices, both for rent and for purchase. Or if it is in standard or high definition quality.

Another novelty related to the world of applications is the improvement of integration with social networks such as Twitter or Facebook . More and more people watch television while reading what is said about the program on these networks. The Samsung F8000 LED Smart TV allows you to display tweets or related messages on one side of the screen, while continuing to watch the program in question. It also shows videos recommended by Twitter or Facebook contacts  . And of course, it still offers the possibility of watching YouTube videos conveniently and directly on the TV .

Ultimately, the Samsung F8000 LED Smart TVs are suitable for those consumers looking for the latest innovations in smart connected TVs at a reasonable price. And without the fear of being out of date in the future, thanks to the possibility of later incorporating all the improvements and novelties through an expansion module.

Data sheet

PanelLCD with LED backlight and micro dimming
Screen Diagonals40 inch

46 inches

55 inch

ResolutionFull HD (1080p)
3DActive 3D

2D to 3D converter

Soda240 Hz
SoundDolby Digital Plus

Dolby Pulse

DTS Studio Sound

DTS Premium Audio 5.1

Total output power: 40W

Other benefitsSmart tv

Integrated webcam

Smart Interaction

Smart Evolution

Connectivity4 HDMI inputs


Component Video / A / V

Optical digital audio output

Headphone out

3 USB 2.0



Common interface (CI) slot

Target priceSamsung UE40F8000: 1,500 euros

Samsung UE46F8000: 2,000 euros

Samsung UE55F8000: 2,700 euros

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