HP Z840, Z640 and Z440, workstations with up to 36 compute cores

HP Z840

HP has introduced its new top-notch workstations. The HP Z840, HP Z640 and HP Z440 desktops offer very high performance, with configurations that can go up to 36 compute cores (72 compute threads with Hyper-Threading Technology ). These machines are designed to be used with professional applications from Autodesk, Avid or SolidWorks , among others. To improve its operation and safety, the American company has included various technologies and management solutions. In addition, these computers integrate Thunderbolt ports to achieve very fast transfer rates ( twice that of USB 3.0). They will hit the Spanish market in October for a starting price of 1,540 euros . We tell you all the details.

The most powerful equipment that the company has presented is the HP Z840 . This model is capable of integrating two processors in the same Intel Xeon- type computer , which in the most advanced models will make us reach a very high power with 36 processing cores (through the Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 18-core chip and a power of 2.3 GHz per core). These processors are combined with a RAM memory that can reach a maximum of 512 GB . On the other hand, for graphic design professionals who want to have a very powerful graphic equipment, the HP Z840 can house a graphics cardNVIDIA Quadro K6000 with 12GB of dedicated memory. Other more affordable options include the option of an NVIDIA Quadro K420 with 1GB of memory or the  AMD FirePro W5100 with 4GB, among many other configurations.

HP Z840

In the field of storage, one of the most interesting options is to integrate an HP Z Turbo Drive disk  in SSD format that is specifically designed to improve processing speed (this disk reaches read speeds of up to 1 TB per second , plus twice as many traditional SSD cards ). In addition, the option to integrate Thunderbolt connectivity is also offered. This technology uses the same port to connect different devices such as monitors or portable drives and allows speeds that are twice those of USB 3.0.

The second of the models presented is the HP Z640 . In this case, we can also achieve an exceptional processing capacity with two Intel Xeon processors (up to 36 cores ), but the maximum RAM memory drops to 256 GB . Another of the sections that are repeated is the graphic power, with an NVIDIA Quadro K6000 card  with 12 GB as the top of the range and a significant number of intermediate options to suit the graphic needs of each professional.

The last of the models presented is the HP Z440 . A powerful computer but that is several steps below what its older brothers offer. In this model we can only use a processor that in the most advanced configuration will be an Intel Xeon E5-1680 with eight cores and 3.2 GHz of power. In terms of RAM , the limit is 128 GB . What we can enjoy in this model is the same list of options in the graphic section, and the option of integrating one of the powerful HP Z Turbo Drive discs to achieve very high speeds. These three workstations will arrive in Spain throughout the month of October at a starting price of1,540 euros.