The 20 best series and movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video in July

The 20 best series and movies you can watch on Amazon Prime Video in July

In the wake of the special we already did with the Netflix platform, we present you the 20 best series and movies that you can watch now (July 2019) on Amazon Prime Video. We have also considered that today could be a good day for it since the application begins to be compatible with Chromecast, good news for all those who had access to the Amazon Prime video streaming platform but had to be connecting their computer to the TV with an HDMI cable. Now, if you have a Chromecast device, you can enjoy all the titles that we discuss below directly on the TV. A selection of the best of Amazon Prime Video so that you can hit the mark in your leisure time.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Video Series of July

Too Old To Die Young


According to its creator, the always controversial Nicholas Winding Refn , director of cult works like Drive or The Neon Demon, Too Old To Die Young is not a series but a film of unusual length. Too Old Too Die Young maintains the recurring forms and themes of the Danish's filmography: murky characters, night environments bathed in neon lights, ultraviolence and a way of narrating, let's say, more focused on the image than on the word. A tough work to crack that will satisfy the most demanding auteur cinema lovers.



Series based on the film of the same title, Hannah is a girl raised in the middle of the forest with physical abilities that are out of the ordinary, since she has been trained by her own father, a former CIA agent . In this way Hannah is a young woman turned into the perfect and ruthless killer. A series that has been praised thanks to its photography and direction.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


A charming series starring a woman who, one fine day, decides to follow the dictates of her heart and try her luck in the complicated world of stand-up comedy. There is only one small problem: in the late 1950s we find ourselves in a suffocatingly macho society . A delicious series that can be seen in a breath, one of those that takes tremendous affection for its characters and with an artistic direction and impeccable costumes. Winner of 5 Emmys including Best Comedy Series, Best Actress and Supporting Actress.

One Mississippi


Perhaps the name of Tig Notaro only sounds in environments that are fond of stand-up comedy. It is a comedy that was overwhelmingly successful as it opened up on the channel and staged a monologue around two recent personal misfortunes as tragic as the death of a mother and breast cancer . In 'One Mississippi' Notaro makes a semi-autobiographical work in which he gives life to a woman who returns to her birthplace after learning of the death of her mother. Still convalescing from a recent illness, she realizes that her mother was one of the few people who understood her.

Sneaky pete


A series starring Giovanni Ribisi, who you will remember for having given life to Phoebe's brother in Friends. In Sneaky Pete plays a con artist who, after spending time behind bars, decides, once at liberty, to impersonate a cellmate in order to avoid everyone he owes money to. A series that oscillates between drama and comedy and that, according to critics, never takes itself too seriously.



A crime series in which a Los Angeles police homicide detective dedicates himself, body and soul, to solving the murder of a young man only 13 years old. In turn, he must deal with a murder charge himself . A police drama that practically all the specialized critics have hailed as a solid and effective, serious and rigorous work.



Homecoming, or as 'Amazon's Julia Roberts series' is also known, is about a female social worker in an organization that takes care of the mental health of war veterans and tries to reinsert them into civilian life. After leaving headquarters, a Defense Department auditor begins to question the real reasons for his departure.

A Very English Scandal


150 minute long British miniseries starring Hugh Grant. In the late 1960s homosexuality was just decriminalized in the UK. Although Jeremy Thorpe, leader of the Liberal Party, is not interested in having anything known about his sexual condition. Winner of 4 BAFTA Awards and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.



During a regular business trip to London, an executive meets an Irish teacher. After an intense love affair and one more farewell, the teacher surprises the executive with a pregnancy three months later . A comedy that tries to shed a little light on the delicate web of affective relationships between men and women.



One of the latest recent television sensations is this series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in which important issues such as sex and death and family relationships are questioned, all from a stark rawness that oscillates between the laugh of comedy and the cry of tragedy. One of the best series that can be seen today from one of the most restless voices.

Top 10 Amazon Prime Video Movies of July

The Chimerical Tenant (1976)


The always effective and disturbing filmmaker Roman Polanski adapted Roland Topor's novel 'The Chimerical Tenant' into one of his best works. In the Paris apartment where the young Trelkovski lives, something terrible happened in the past: the previous tenant ended up jumping out of the window . By sharing the apartment with the woman's belongings, which still remain in the room, the young man begins a spiral of madness that will drag him to a hell from which he will not be able to escape.

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Eyes Without a Face (1960)


One of the most mysterious, suggestive and enigmatic horror films of all time. A scientist is obsessed with reconstructing the face of his daughter, disfigured after a traffic accident. For this he does not hesitate to perform skin transplants on young people whom he kidnaps. A cult movie that we can now enjoy on Amazon Prime Video.

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A Ghost Story


A beautiful reflection on the passage of time and losses , starring an old-fashioned ghost, one of those who wore a sheet and hole for the eyes. Don't be fooled by appearances, 'A Ghost Story' is a film that invites you to enjoy yourself quietly and whose ending can lead to good hours of debate. One of the best movies of its year and that you can now see on Amazon Prime.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1976)


One of the scariest movies ever. Based on true events, it tells the story of a group of young people who have the misfortune to meet, on the way, by a family of disturbed butchers . Shot as if it were a nightmare, it is a much less bloody film than it is remembered. That is why it is so effective. If you want to have a hard time, and you've never had the chance to see this masterpiece, now is the time.

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City Lights (1931)


A timeless classic from the hand of master Chaplin . Considered by international critics as one of the best films in history, in it Charlot tries to conquer a girl who sells flowers, blind, deploying her main weapon of seduction: humor. The problem is that the blind girl thinks she is rich, nothing is further from the truth. A classic silent movie to enjoy with the family.

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Grizzly Man (2005)

grizzly man

We entered the documentary grounds with a story that had to be told to be believed. In Grizzly Man, the famous director Werner Herzog brought us the delusional story of Timothy Treadwell, an ex-alcoholic actor who finds in bears a new world to obsess over. He gets to live with them, recording more than 100 hours of video material. One day, he is attacked by one of the animals.

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Suspiria (1977)


We return to horror movies with one of its most unique proposals, the subject of a remake in 2018, also included in the Amazon catalog (it is an Amazon Studios production). Suspiria is a small work of art cared to the extreme , with one of the most extreme artistic directions remembered in a horror movie. Music, settings and photography at the service of a film that more than 40 years later continues to cause shivers. It is essential to see it with the high volume.

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The tin drum

tin drum

At three years old, Oskar decides to stop growing. Also, on his birthday, he receives as a gift a tin drum from which he will never be separated. A film based on the homonymous book by Nobel laureate Günter Grass and played by a 12-year-old boy who, in some scenes of the play, has sexual relations with a 24-year-old woman, which is why it was censored and banned in numerous places of the world. This classic of European cinema won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in the same year.

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The great disease of love (2017)

the big sick

Acclaimed romantic comedy based on the true story of her screenwriting partner, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. Two young men of different nationalities meet, one night, at a comedy show. They start a relationship despite Kumail's parents, strict Muslims. And soon something will happen that will turn their lives upside down forever.

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Beauty and the Beast (1946)


An adaptation of the classic tale, faithful to the original, by one of the most personal and unique directors in history, Jean Cocteau. Regarded as one of the best fantasy movies ever, Beauty and the Beast is packed with unforgettable images. A classic to savor quietly.

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