These are the novelties of Hisense in televisions

hisense 100 inch

The Hisense brand  continues to launch new proposals to the television market, and the most striking device for the year 2017 is an impressive 100-inch television with laser technology and 4K resolution , which thus becomes its main top-of-the-range device.

100-inch 4K TV and surround sound

Hisense's new high-end TV  costs nothing more and nothing less than $ 13,000 (about 12,300 euros) and promises to offer an impressive experience to enjoy movies and series in the best possible quality: 4K resolution and laser technology applied to a spectacular panel 100 inches . Although, of course, not everyone can afford such an expense for their living room ...

The device is equipped with HDMI and US B connection so that we can dump any content that interests us. The sound is immersive with the 5.1 channel system.

Other Hisense TV news for 2017

hisense h8

In addition to the spectacular 100-inch television for the most demanding customers,  Hisense is also going to launch other models less ambitious in features but with prices that are also quite striking (although, yes, well below 12,000 euros).

Among the new models, for example, the Hisense H10D HDR television  stands out , with 4K resolution and the ULED screen  technology patented by the brand itself. We also find quantum dot systems in this model . The  H10D will be available in two different sizes (70 inches or 75 inches) , for prices starting at $ 3,500 (about 3,300 euros) and will go on sale in the United States in the summer.

For its part, Hisense's H9 TV series  will also have a ULED- type  screen (although without quantum dot technology) and will be sold at a much more moderate price, in sizes that are also much more manageable for the living room: 50 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches . Prices for this range start at $ 700 (about 662 euros) and the televisions will begin to be sold in March in the United States.

The cheapest series offered by  Hisense in 2017 will be the  H7 , available in 43-inch and 65-inch models. The first will be sold for $ 400 (approximately 380 euros), while the largest will cost $ 900 (about 850 euros) .

For those who want larger screens, the H8D series  will be made up of HDR equipment  with 4K resolution  , available in 75 inches or 86 inches.

And for more moderate budgets, the new line Sharp P7000  of Hisense will feature a 43 - inch TV for $ 450 (about 425 euros) and a 65 - inch for $ 1,000 (946 euros).

hisense sharp

Finally,  Hisense  will launch two more series of televisions: the R8 model , 75 inches, 4K resolution and Dolby Vision technology  , for about $ 2,000 (just under 1,900 euros), and the R6 Roku television  , which will be available in various sizes between 43 and 65 inches.

Hisense audio systems and other accessories

In addition to televisions,  Hisense will also sell speakers and audio systems to complete the immersive experience. Specifically, four different models of loudspeakers will reach the market that will cost between 80 and 300 dollars (between 76 euros and 284 euros, approximately).