YouTube to MP3, 10 Online Pages to Convert Videos to Music

YouTube to MP3, 10 online tools to convert videos into music 1

"The best youtube to mp3 converter", "youtube mp3 converters", "youtube music converter" ... Dozens of similar searches are currently trending in the Google search engine. Websites to convert YouTube videos to MP3 are all the rage. And it is that until very recently we had to resort to specific programs to carry out said conversion or acquire the paid version of YouTube, YouTube Premium. This time we bring you nothing more and nothing less than ten online converters to convert YouTube videos to MP3 without programs or applications for the computer and mobile.

Before starting with the list we must warn you that most of the websites that we will see below do not support videos with content protected by copyright , whether they are video clips, live performances or television programs.



Without a doubt one of the best YouTube to MP3 converters online. Although it has a lot of publicity, the truth is that the quality of the conversions is quite good . Like most websites of this type, we just have to paste the link of the video in question in the search box and click Convert to MP3. Then it will begin to carry out the conversion process, which is slower than on other websites of the style.

We must bear in mind that the longer the video lasts, the longer the web in question will take to convert the track to audio. The good thing about this is that we can make as many conversions as we want without any type of limit .


Another excellent website to convert YouTube videos not only to MP3, but to a multitude of video formats such as MP4 and MOV. The great advantage of KeepVid compared to other websites of the style is that we can choose the audio quality (320, 256 or 128 Kbps) . In addition, we can add links from practically any page with embedded videos, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitch.

Its speed when converting to both video and audio stands out. Another of its great advantages is that it has an application for Android . You can take a look at this other article where we show you how it works.

Download YouTube

The name of this website is not the most original, but its operation is really good. It has much more publicity than the previous ones, but the good thing is that we can access it by changing the address of the video by  "" from YouTube itself. Like KeepVid, we can convert videos to MP4 and different video formats beyond MP3.

The downside is that its conversion speed is not the best, and its quality is only limited to 128 Kbps in free mode.

Convert YouTube Mp3

Mp3 converter

With the name of this page they have not squeezed their heads much, however, its interface and operation are surely the simplest of the entire list. It only allows conversions to MP3 and we can only download the tracks in a certain quality. The best thing about this is that its conversion speed is higher than that of the rest of the options, precisely due to this simplicity in operation. Paste link, click on convert and that's it.


download plus youtube

One of the best known Spanish websites to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Its conversion speed is not the best. The good thing is that it supports different types of YouTube video URLs. Thus, for example, we can export videos from a certain second to shorten their final duration .

It also allows the downloading of videos from Facebook and YouTube itself in video formats, that is, MP4.


If what we are looking for is a website that allows us to cut the audio in question once we have pasted the video link, Yout is the best page. Although we can only download the audios at a quality no greater than 128 Kbps (for the rest of the options we will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription), the tool allows us to trim the video before being exported without any limit .

It is not the fastest, but this feature makes it one of the best options.


YouTube to MP3, 10 online tools to convert videos into music 2

Another page with identical operation to the previous ones. The differential point of this is that it always lowers the files at qualities of 320 Kbps , that is, the highest available. We can also convert clips to other formats such as M4A and WebM, two formats with little loss of quality, as well as converting to MP4 and WebM video.

The only drawback is that its speed when converting YouTube videos is not the fastest of all .


A website very similar to BajarYouTube. In fact, the way to access it is practically identical: we can replace the original link with “…” . Once the clip in question is detected, we can export it in different video or audio formats.

Unfortunately, the only audio option available is 128Kbps MP3 . For the rest of the higher quality formats we will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription.


The most famous page to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio and other formats. Although it is intended to convert to video formats such as MP4, AVI or 3GP, we can export audio to different types of files such as MP3, M4A and AAC .

The best thing about this is that we can even upload files from our own computer or mobile to carry out online conversions, although for this the best thing is to use specific programs.

Telecharger Youtube MP3 (page and browser extension)

mp3 to youtube

We reached the last page to convert YouTube clips to music. It does not stand out for its speed or its conversion quality, however, it is, together with Convert YouTube MP3, the simplest website of all. Once we have pasted the URL, we can select what type of conversion we want: HD or standard .

The best thing about this page is that it has a free extension for Mozilla and Opera that allows us to download the audio of the videos directly from YouTube by pressing a simple button.