10 websites to create strong passwords

10 websites to create strong passwords

You have often heard how important it is to change your passwords often . Not only that, but you also have to try not to repeat the same in several places at the same time and, if possible, that they have nothing to do with your personal life. You know, no birthdays or anniversaries.

The truth is that, contrary to what these recommendations say, many users continue to choose to use weak passwords that are easy for hackers to guess. You know, passwords based on simple combinations, single-digit repetitions, or simple words that end up being the victims of most cybersecurity attacks .

Now, having to think about so many passwords, and try not to forget them, can get a little difficult. Thank God, there are several websites that can help us to generate secure passwords in an easy way so that we can use them on various websites, online stores, or any other place where you may need a password.

Next, we provide you with a list of 10 online tools to generate strong passwords like steel.

Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator

As its name suggests, Secure Password Generator is a very easy to use strong password generator . The generator will take care of all the work with practically a single click. Of course, it gives us the option to add, if we want, a series of special characters such as symbols, numbers, use upper or lower case, among others.

At the top of the web, we find a drop-down menu where we can choose the strength level of the password (weak, strong or indecipherable) depending on the number of characters that we want to include.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Generator

Surely you were unaware of this feature of Google Chrome. To be able to activate it, we will only have to enter the browser's Settings menu and activate the synchronization in the Passwords section. Next, we write in the address bar “chrome: // flags” to access the experimental configuration of the browser and activate the option “Automatic password generator”.

From this moment, every time you enter a password box to open a new account anywhere, Google Chrome will allow us to use its own password generator in the Generate password option by clicking the right button .



One password to save them all. 1Password allows you to create a single master password that safely stores all your private access data in a password vault. Thus, your information is kept safe in a kind of virtual safe.

In addition, it allows you to synchronize your data between all your devices regardless of the browser or operating system you use.

Of course, it is a payment service divided into 5 prices depending on whether it is for individuals, families or companies.



Another option to generate passwords without too many complications and in a matter of seconds. Random.org allows us to choose the number of passwords we want to create and the number of characters that each one should have. Just by clicking the "Get Passwords" button we will obtain a list with the generated passwords. Fast and easy.



As with Google Chrome, the DuckDuckGo browser also allows us to create passwords for our user accounts. But be careful, because with this function DuckDuckGo takes the concept of simplicity to another level, almost unattainable. Why do we say this? Well, because we only have to write the word password in the search bar and  the browser will generate a random password , as you can see in the image above.



CiberProtector is an online tool created by Webempresa, not only as a password generator, but to help you improve your online security in general . Its services include a secure internet connection, private VPN, secure WiFi connection, and absolute privacy when browsing or making purchases online.

They have a free option for one user and up to 5 devices, and a payment option of 60 euros per year.



With Lastpass we will have a cloud-based password manager that will help us to store and generate secure passwords. It has a version for desktop and another for mobile.

Its enormous customization options stand out , being able to choose the number of characters, if it is more or less easy to read and if we want to include symbols, numbers, use upper or lower case.

As with other tools, this service includes a free version and a paid version, depending on your needs.


Norton Identity Safe

The same creators of the famous antivirus also bring us Norton Identity Safe. It is an online password generator with the usual customization options, in addition to being able to create up to a total of 50. They also offer downloadable software that can save your passwords for future reference in its special secure identity program.



This tool is interesting because, in addition to the usual customization parameters, it includes the “HEX” option, which uses alphanumeric values ​​0-9 and / or AF, that is, hexadecimal code.

Once you have chosen the length and type of password, Safepasswd will indicate the security level of the password.



We close with this tool based its charm on the most extreme minimalism. Don't waste any more time customizing your secret key. With Passwds.ninja you will get to the point. In fact, as soon as you enter the web, you will have at your disposal 10 different keys that you can use comfortably. What do you not like any? Don't worry, because you can generate another ten with the push of a button.

All passwords keep the same format, capital letter at the beginning and two digits at the end; so that they meet the requirements of any account creation form.